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Cabinet Wine Cellar Coolers

Are you looking for a compact and more affordable wine cellar cooling unit? If so, a Cabinet Wine Cellar Cooler is the best choice.

In order to maintain optimal temperatures, wine cellars or any wine storage are typically built underground or in a properly insulated wine cellar. However, if you're a wine enthusiast with a small wine cellar or don't have enough space for a fully customized wine cellar, we've got the perfect solution for you!

The problem is that only a few wine refrigeration units are designed to fit in cabinet or shelf installations, which is a problem for most wine lovers. If you want to store your wine collection in a wine cooling cabinet or a small wine cabinet storage, it might be better to go with Cabinet Wine Coolers.

What are Cabinet Wine Cooling Units?

Cabinet Wine Cellar Coolers

Cabinet Wine Cooling units or Wine Cabinet Coolers have a compact design that fits snugly into wine storage cabinets and other confined spaces. They are specifically designed to fit inside your cabinets.

A majority of these wine refrigerator cabinet coolers are self-contained, built in wine cabinet systems that can be wall-mounted and powered by a standard 115 AC outlet. There is no need for piping, complex wiring, or specific processes such as refrigerant installation on-site. Although in rare instances, poor positioning or installation can impair the device's performance.

They are made for cabinets and other enclosed spaces such as wine cabinets, small wine cellars, and other specialty applications. Usually, this type of unit is a great replacement for your existing unit with just a few or without any modifications!

Perfect if you want to create a refrigerated wine cabinet, cabinet wine storage, or modern wine cabinet storage such as a bar cabinet with wine storage, corner wine cabinet, tall wine cabinet, wine cooler credenza cabinet, wine bar cabinet, wine buffet cabinet, bar and wine cabinet and so on.

Best Cabinet Wine Cooling Units Brands


WhisperKOOL has one of the most advanced wine cabinet cooling units up to date. Equipped with WhisperKOOL's most innovative Platinum Series controller utilizing Advanced System Protection Technology, it sure will give your favorite collection of wine the ideal cooling they need.

WhisperKOOL® Wine Cellar Cabinet System 2500

WhisperKOOL® Wine Cellar Cabinet System 2500

The most advanced wine cabinet cooling unit of WhisperKOOL. The WhisperKOOL® Wine Cellar Cabinet System 2500 can be used to replace 1000, 1100, 1200 and 2300 WhisperKOOL cabinet cooling units without any modifications. Replacing other brands of cabinet cooling units is possible but cabinet modifications will vary.


    Breezaire Wine Cooling Units are designed to deliver superior performance. Constructed using only the highest quality components, hand assembly by skilled craftsmen, and made in the USA. One of their collections is the WKCE cabinet series.

    Breezaire WKCE Cabinet Series Through-the-Wall Cooling Units

    The Breezaire WKCE Series Cabinet Cooling Units have a compact design and discharge cold air on the bottom, which makes them perfect for cabinet installations. These units are also equipped with Sentry III+ digital control system.

    This video will walk you through the Sentry III+ controller's settings.

    Breezaire WKCE Cabinet Series Through-the-Wall Cooling Units

    There are 2 sizes to choose from:


    How to store wine?

    If you love wine and prefer to have your own collection of it, then you might have already considered having your own private wine cellar at home. The Wine Cellar is a great place for you to store your precious wines.

    The location of the wine cellar must be selected carefully in order to have the best possible environment for properly storing wine and lowering the humidity levels by allowing air flow and proper room temperature. Take a look at this article to learn more about building a wine cellar: How To Build The Perfect Wine Cellar: Guide To Wine Storage

    There are many factors to take into account but if space is limited on your end, you can still choose a spot for setting up a Wine Cabinet instead. Yes, wine cabinets with cooler units are a thing! There are plenty of creative ways to transform a small space into a wine fridge cabinet. You can go for a wine wall cabinet or turn an unused space into a wine cabinet bar. A bar wine cabinet with wine cooler can be installed with wine cabinet racks.

    It's important to have the right Wine Racks, they will play an important role in how well you'll be able to store your collection and care for them. You can purchase wine rack cabinets or a cabinet with wine racks already or you can make your own DIY wine rack for cabinets.

    Learn more about one of the best wine racks and get inspired to build your own cabinet wine rack: Introducing Ultra Wine Racks & Cellars

    For more info, watch this video on how to build a wine cellar (provided by WhisperKOOL)

    How to keep wine cellar cool?

    Keeping your wine cellar at a perfect temperature is one of the keys for you to preserve your wine for years. The ideal temperature of your wine cellar to keep it in the right environment is 55ºF.

    One way to keep a wine cellar cool is by installing a Wine Cellar Cooling Unit. These wine cooler units have wine cellar temperature control and wine cellar humidity control to maintain the right environment inside your wine storage, preserving their flavor and aroma over time.

    How cold does a wine cooler get?

    Your wine cellar should be kept at the optimal temperature which is 55ºF. Most wine room refrigeration units deliver temperatures between 45ºF and 65ºF.

    How to choose a wine cellar cooling unit?

    When choosing a cooling system for wine cellar, you need to consider the size, ventilation requirements and application (ducted or ductless application). Securing good quality wine refrigeration units is important to prevent spoilage in your wine collection.

    How did we create the list of best wine cellar cooling units? We found top-rated wine cellar cooler models that were created by reputable manufacturers. We analyzed them based on their technical specs and features.

    Finally, we believe that our list would benefit you the most in choosing a cooling system for wine cellar: 9 Best Wine Cellar Cooling Units

    Shop for the best Cabinet Wine Cellar Coolers, Wine Cooler Cabinets, and Wine Cellar Units at Wine Coolers Empire. If you want to explore more options, our best selling brands are BreezaireWhisperKOOL, and CellarCool. Buy now!

    If you have any questions or concerns about our products, contact us or call our customer service representative at 1-888-407-7770.

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