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A wine cooler is a must-have item for every wine enthusiast's house. Proper wine storage may help preserve the quality of your wine and make it taste even better over time.

Wine coolers are designed to chill and store your wine. However, the cost of purchasing your own wine fridge is prohibitive. It is an investment if you are a serious wine connoisseur.

So, if you are buying your own wine cooler, you need to choose your purchase wisely before you click that buy now button. Let's check out Allavino Wine Cooler Series: Flexcount, Cascina, and Vite, and what makes them a great investment!

Allavino Wine Coolers - Allavino | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer

Allavino Wine Coolers

Allavino is one of the most sought-after companies when it comes to wine coolers. They designed their wine cooler fridge to eliminate all of the factors which cause the breakdown of the wine's chemical properties. Allavino's promise to provide top-notch quality products and energy-efficient beverage and wine coolers is what makes this company still in the business now.

Take a look at these 4 amazing Allavino Wine Cooler Series.

Allavino FlexCount Wine Cooler Series

Allavino FlexCount Wine Cooler - Allavino | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted DealerAllavino FlexCount Wine Cooler - Allavino | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted DealerAllavino FlexCount Wine Cooler - Allavino | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer

The majority of wine coolers on the market can only hold standard-sized bottles, which are typically 750ml or 6 glasses of wine. However, while many wineries stray from the conventional bottle size, Allavino was made precisely to keep up with the developing trend.

Without reconfiguring the shelves, larger and taller-sized bottles can fit right in. Also, the Allavino FlexCount Wine Cooler Series comes with an advanced cooling system minimizing harmful vibration and unnecessary noise. It's 25% more energy-efficient!

The small wine coolers and medium fridge wine coolers from this collection can fit up to 30-56 bottles of wine. It has multi-function single and dual zone wine coolers that can store red wines, white wines, and sparkling, separately. This wine cooler refrigerator series from Allavino features durable metal shelves that let you effortlessly take your wine and beverages on and off the wine and beverage coolers.

And when it comes to its design, you won't be disappointed with its sleek and modern style with digital display and push-button controls. Offers both freestanding wine coolers and built-in wine coolers.

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Allavino Cascina Wine Cooler Series

As a wine lover with limited space in your kitchen space is limited and can’t hold numerous wine bottles for storage. Allavino presents its Cascina Series specially designed for clients with limited space storage and a smaller footprint.

Each freestanding wine cooler is built with brushed stainless steel door frames, UV-protected glass, sleek black cabinets, blue LED interior lighting, digital temperature displays, and easy-to-use push-button controls.

The chrome racks finish on the Allavino Cascina Series can accommodate 12-18 wine bottles, while the classic wooden finish can carry up to 28-48 wine bottles.

The Cascina Series includes a dual-zone cooling system, with each wine cooler temperature zone varying from 40° to 65°F. Allavino offers cutting-edge digital control for monitoring and adjusting the temperature of your prized wine collections.

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Allavino Vite Wine Cooler Series

Allavino Vite Wine Cooler Series - Allavino | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted DealerAllavino Vite Wine Cooler Series - Allavino | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted DealerAllavino Vite Wine Cooler Series - Allavino | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer

Since we have covered up wine coolers that could hold medium to small spaces, these particular wine fridge series are designed for wine aficionados with a diverse collection. Allavino Vite Series is the biggest among the three collections and includes models with capacities ranging from 99 bottles to 610 bottles.

This freestanding wine cooler is built with easy-glide wood shelves that are 8 inches thick which can accommodate up to more than 13 wine bottles. The unique shelvings are adjustable up to 1-1/4" increments to accommodate larger diameter bottles without affecting the overall bottle capacity. This model is built with a double pane thermal insulated glass with UV protection and argon filled to keep harmful UV rays away from your wine to avoid degradation.

It also featured two built-in key locks that keep your collection secure. You can choose from two handle styles, one in a towel bar handle style and the other one in a curved handle style, giving you the freedom to select which one best suits your style. A magnetic gasket is also crafted to ensure a tight seal.

Another winning feature includes a fan-forced cooling mechanism that circulates air in the unit for a more consistent cooling throughout the cabinetry. This allows the temperature to transfer between the top and bottom shelves and reduces initial cool-down time by 50% and an adjustable wine cooler temperature range between 41°F and 73°F.

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Allavino Tru-Vino Wine Cooler Series

Meet Allavino's newest cooling technology - Tru-Vino Cooling Technology!

This is the most energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and functional technology from Allavino, as of yet! This innovative technology gives the most consistent and precise temperature control technology of any wine cooler on the market.

Allavino combined FlexCount's amazing and efficient shelving with Tru-Vino Cooling Technology and Vite's heavy-duty and sturdy design. Hence, Allavino's FlexCount II Tru-Vino Collection and Vite II Tru-Vino Collection.

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For an easier way to distinguish which fridge wine cooler is the one for you. Here's a detailed table with a short summary of these 3 Allavino Wine Cooler Series.

Product Features FlexCount Series Cascina Series Vite Series
Aesthetic and Appearance

✓ Compact sleek black cabinet, stainless steel wine cooler, framed glass door with Sturdy metal racks shelves 

✓ Boasts a digital temperature display with a push-button feature for each zone

✓ Designed for limited space storage with Chrome Racks and Wooden Shelves 

✓ Boasts a digital temperature display with a push-button feature for each zone

✓ Perfect for any large diverse collection with its massive storage capacity

✓ Features up to 20 extra-thick hardwood rolling shelves with  a digital temperature display for each zone

Noise and Energy-Efficiency

✓ Advanced cooling system

✓ Energy-efficient compressors

✓ Top-grade vibration-dampening system

✓ Advanced cooling system

✓ Energy-efficient compressors

✓ Top-grade  vibration-dampening system

✓ Advanced cooling system

✓ Energy-efficient compressors

✓ Top-grade vibration-dampening system

Bottle Capacity 30 - 349 Bottles 29 - 48 Bottles 99 - 610 Bottles
Cooling Zone

Single Zone

Dual Zone

Single Zone

Dual Zone

Single Zone

Dual Zone


Built-In vs Freestanding Both Both Both


If you're looking for professional-grade commercial wine coolers, portable wine coolers, or wine coolers for home, you can find the best wine cooler that best suits your need from the Allavino series. This brand offers a wide selection of wine refrigerator coolers to choose from. The only constraint you have is your budget.

Before you purchase your own wine cooler, you have to keep in mind that the price of the product should be balanced with its functionality and aesthetic. Which is what Allavino gives its customers. If you are into draft beer and not just wine, wine and beer coolers, beverage centers, and kegerators are also worth looking into.

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