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Since 1985 BREEZAIRE Products Company has manufactured cooling systems designed and engineered to provide the ideal conditions for storage and aging of fine wines.

Wine has been present for more than 6000 years, it often signifies happiness and friendship, it also a part of every household celebration and even personal victories. These are some of the reasons why each bottle should be preserved and well kept. Every wine collector knows how delicate each drop of wine could be, a slight change in temperature can cause its compound to crumble or worst causing the wine’s spoilage.Breezaire Wine Cellar Coolers are the best choice for the wine collectors who has a wide collection of wines and don’t want to use wine refrigerators since not all wine can be kept on standard wine coolers out in the market today. 

When you invest in a Breezaire wine cellar cooling system, you’ll create the ideal storage environment for your wines. All Breezaire cooling systems are made in specialized designs that create a kind of carefully controlled environment that products that are highly sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity need. They are not intended for use in standard refrigeration applications. Contact your authorized dealer for assistance in specifying the best system for your unique requirements.

Breezeaire offers the following key  features: 

Adjustable Temperature

Every Breezaire Wine Cooler System is equipped with temperature ranging from 50-60°F wherein it can be controlled through an adjustable thermostat that can regulate the temperature in each wine cellar. Upon usage of the unit, you will initially notice a stream of cool air all around the cellar, the gentle approach makes it achieve the precise desired temperature set in each unit at the same time preserves the wine naturally.

Automatic Humidity Control

An abrupt change in the humidity can cause the wine component to break down and can make the cork that seals the wine’s aroma and taste to deteriorate. EachBreezaire wine cooler unit is built to combat the sudden change in humidity. It can maintain the humidity from 50-70% which reduces the moisture enough to leave the air’s humidity desirable to preserve the wines. 

Ultra-Quiet Operation

Breezaire Wine Cellar Coolerssystem performs and operates quietly, reducing noise and making each visit to the wine cellar to be an amazing experience. Each unit reduces noise and vibration that is harmful to wine components and can disrupt its natural flavors.

Other Features you can find with eachBreezaire Wine Cellar Coolers is their stylish metal cabinets that can be installed seamlessly in every wine cellar, an unbeatable quality that is designed to deliver superior performance, and provides ease of installation since they are not connected to a power source, no complicated plumbing requires during installation. These are the qualities of a superiorBreezaire Wine Cellar Cooler that never fails to meet the standards of every wine collector!