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Breezaire WKCE 1060 Wine Cooling Unit For Wine Cabinets

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Breezaire WKCE 1060 Wine Cooling Unit For Wine Cabinets Review

Breezaire WKCE 1060 is a direct replacement for Breezaire WKC 1060 & OEM 1060.

All Breezaire wine cooling systems are specialized designs that create a kind of carefully controlled environment demanded products that are highly sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. They are not intended for use in standard refrigeration applications.

By the nature of their operation, thermoelectric wine cellar cooling units will maintain a stable humidity level, lower than the relative ambient humidity. In situations where the ambient humidity is high, the wine cellar cooling units will lower the humidity to desirable storage levels. In situations where the ambient relative humidity is very low, the desired enclosure relative humidity may not be achieved without adding moisture. To add moisture to the enclosure only use slow, natural evaporation from a small porous water container. Do not use a humidifier.

The Breezaire WKCE 1060 Wine Cooling Unit For Wine Cabinets is a compact design with cold air discharge at the bottom, which makes them ideal for installation in cabinets. Because of this configuration, this cooling unit is not rated for a specified number of cubic feet. They are intended for cabinets and other constricted enclosures. These compact compressor wine cooler units are designed to cool 25° less than the ambient temperature of the venting side of the unit. In some cases, improper placement or installation may cause the unit's performance to be degraded.

Available in WKCE 1060 for 140 cu.ft. cellar size and WKCE 2200 for 265 cu.ft. cellar size.


  • Adjustable Temperature - Breezaire wine cooler unit includes an adjustable thermostat. The ideal temperature for storing and aging wine is between 50°F and 60°F. 
  • Automatic Humidity Control - Humidity must be present in the wine cellar to prevent cork and label deterioration. The gentle cooling action of the system maintains the relative humidity in the 50% to 75% range.  (Additional moisture may be required in extremely dry climates.)
  • Vibration Control - Breezaire cooling systems are engineered to control vibration by dampening mounts throughout the cooling system. 
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation - Breezaire cooling units perform their task quietly and unobtrusively to preserve the atmosphere of isolation from the outside world that makes a visit to a wine cellar a unique experience.
  • Attractive Metal Cabinet - An attractive metal cabinet that blends in with the décor of your cellar area and can be flush mounted to any wall.
  • Ease of Installation - No plumbing, complicated wiring, or special procedures including the on-site installation of refrigerant are required.
  • Uncompromising Quality - Breezaire wine coolers are designed to deliver superior performance. 
  • Comprehensive Warranty Coverage - Owners enjoy the security of warranty coverage that reflects Breezaire ’s high standards.

Do you have a different size wine cabinet? Or just want to check your options? Check out other Breezaire WKCE Cabinet Series Through-the-Wall Cooling Units now! You can also browse our other Cabinet Wine Cellar Coolers.

Buy Breezaire WKCE Series Cooling System Wine Fridge WKCE 1060 today!


Please click below to read and download the installation manual for this cooling system.

Please click below to view the Sentry lll Plus controller Manual

5 years warranty for all Breezaire Self-Contained parts used in this unit and Factory Labor is provided at no cost for 1 year from the original retail purchase.



  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 10.50" x 18" x 16.50"
  • Capacity: Up to 140 cu. ft..
  • Installation: Through-the-Wall
  • High-Temperature Alarm: No
  • Electronic Controls: Yes
  • Digital Temperature Display: Yes
  • Humidity Control: Automatic
  • Defrost System: Automatic
  • Exhaust Direction: Rear
  • Electrical: 3 AMP
  • Noise Level: 58 DBA
  • Electrical Requirements: 115 V, 60 Hz - 3 A
  • BTU Cooling: 1060
  • Weight: 45 lbs
  • Warranty: Labor: 1 Year | Parts: 5 Years

Breezaire WKCE 1060

Need assistance? Talk to an Expert at +1-888-407-7770 or email support@winecoolersempire.com to get the best-suited wine cooling system for your needs.

Sentry III+ Control System

Sentry III+ control system offers the following features: 

Each Breezaire Wine Cellar Unit comes equipped with Breezaire's Sentry III digital electric control system, which includes a control panel with an easy to read, green LED display.

Walk Through of Breezaire Sentry lll Control System 


Warning: UNPLUG the unit before changing Sentry lll

Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram:

Warning: UNPLUG the unit before changing Sentry lllWarning: UNPLUG the unit before changing Sentry lllWarning: UNPLUG the unit before changing Sentry lll

  • Large, easy to read, cool green display.
  • Accurate, easy to adjust temperature set points with continuous display of cabinet temperature. 
  • Power outage protection.
  • Blocked airflow protection, which shuts down the unit and protects wine in case of high temperatures caused by condenser blockage or fan failure.
  • Controls temperature by enclosure (cellar) air sensors or optional bottle probe.
  • Units are shipped from the factory fully charged and ready for use when mounted in a wall and connected to 115 AC volt source.
  • Sentry III's intelligent programming automatically monitors your temperature and fan speed to make sure you never encounter any problems.

    Product Video


    "My wine cellar room is higher than 140 cu.ft. What wine cooling system can accommodate a bigger wine cellar room?"

    Click here: 👉Breezaire WKCE 2200 for 265 cu.ft. wine cellar👈

    Bottle Probe (OPTIONAL)

    Bottle Probe (OPTIONAL)

    The Breezaire Bottle Probe can be used on all models. The bottle probe is used when you want to control the temperature of the wine cellar according to the liquid in the bottles. When the bottle probe is plugged into the unit it will take place of the internal air sensor.

    Breezaire Wine Cellar Cooling Units Bottle Probe

    Allow the enclosure to stabilize at the desired temperature for several days (72hours). Using a normal size wine bottle clean the bottle and then fill it with water insert the bottle probe into the bottle, and place it in the enclosure. Do not connect the bottle probe to the unit until the bottle has sufficient time to cool to the enclosure temperature (72 hours). Connect the bottle probe to the outlet located on the face of the unit. The on and off operation of the unit is now controlled by the temperature of the liquid in the bottle. The temperature displayed is that of the liquid in the bottle. Unplugging the bottle probe will return the unit to the internal air sensor and will be reading the wine cellar temperature. The bottle probe cord is 5’ long.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Paul E Zoba
    Perfect Fit!

    The only thing not provided was some weatherstripping that I acquired from the local hardware store. It was a perfect fit in my cellar to replace the old one that lasted 21 1/2 years. I hope this one does just as well. Thanks BreezeAir and Wine Coolers Empire!

    John Haycox
    Great replacement unit

    This was a easy install in my wine cooler after my one of nearly 30 years stopped working.

    Keith Reuter

    on time and as promised

    Ed Kirtman

    Breezaire was easy to install and is working as per specs.

    Richard Hammer
    Breezaire WKCE Series Cooling System Wine Frige WKCE 1060 x 1

    The time from when the cooling system was incredibly fast. Very easy to install. Thank you for the great service. It hard to find a company that has such great service.

    Patricia Bos
    Breezaire WKCE 1060

    I can tell you my experience with these store. I placed an order and told them I needed it in 2 weeks. They said, they'll ship it before the deadline. I wasn't expecting that this unit arrive so early. Received the unit and my contractors install it. Works fine! I can't compare it to the transaction that I have with other stores. This store is so amazing. Thanks, Wine Coolers Empire!

    Maria Schweitzen
    WKCE 1060

    I was very pleased with this WKCE 1060 that I purchased and we are now ready for our wine party. Thanks to Wine Coolers Empire!

    Heather Rawling
    Excellent unit

    Wine Coolers Empire is a great company with accommodating reps ready to answer all queries. Excellent job! We order the unit and it was shipped fast. The instructions that were sent with the unit were easy to follow and made installation a piece of cake.


    I just installed it. It is working. Hopefully for a long time.


    I'm glad I updated my unit. Got the WKC model. This looks better. It was easy to install and hopefully it is as heavy-duty as WKC or even better.