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Looking for new ways to display your wine? Give your wine cellar a brand-new design to start the year!

Wine racks are a great way to showcase your wine collection. They come with benefits that extend beyond just displaying them. Wine racks store your wine collection safely and conveniently in one place to prevent the corks from drying. They’re also cost-effective and space-saving.

However, many people find it difficult to find different types of wine racks or ideas for wine racks. This is true especially if there is a limited number of options.

Sit back and relax as we share these smart and unique wine rack ideas. Here are the wine rack display ideas that you might have never thought of before.

1. Modern Wine Wall Rack for Wine Label Art

Modern Wine Wall Rack for Wine Label Art | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer

Never underestimate the art of a wine label. It works great as a wall décor especially for filling up a space that might use some sprucing up. You can show your creativity by sorting your wine according to color, grape, region, etc. Your prized wines will be the center of attention, which you and your guests will surely enjoy!

The idea behind this horizontal wall wine rack system is to display your wine bottles conveniently, and you'll be able to see each label without having to pick up, handle, and otherwise disturb the wine. 

Wall-mounted wine racks are perfect for this kind of wine display rack and if you want to exhibit your wine collection with the labels showing, horizontal wine racks are the way to go.

Best Wall Mounted Wine Racks: Ultra HZ Wall Rails

For those who want to creatively showcase their wine collection, we recommend the HZ Wall Rails by Ultra Wine Racks and CellarsHZ stands for "horizontal" which simply means "parallel to the wall."

Your wall will be transformed into a sleek and modern wine rack wall system thanks to these horizontal wall mount wine racks' simple design profile and sturdy wine rack metal construction!

Ultra HZ Wall Rails - 1FT Metal Wine Rack (3 bottles to 9 Bottles)

Ultra HZ Wall Rails - 2FT Metal Wine Rack (6 bottles to 18 bottles)

Ultra HZ Wall Rails - 3FT Metal Wine Racks (9 to 27 Bottles)

Ultra HZ Wall Rails - 4FT Metal Wine Racks (12 to 36 Bottles)


2. Cork-Out Wine Rack for Small Spaces

Cork-Out Wine Rack for Small Spaces | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer 

Is space limited in your wine cellar?

Having little wall space or floor area shouldn't make it difficult to design a lovely wine cellar. The cork-out wine rack display is for anyone looking for a solution to store their wine bottles in an elegant, space-saving way.

The amazing thing about this design is that it can be installed inside small home wine cellars, wine closets, and wine cabinets. Cork-out wine racks for cabinets (or cabinet wine racks) can also be used as wonderful wall art. This modern wall wine rack is a great option for achieving this clever wine display:

Best Cork-Out Wine Bottle Wall Racks: Ultra ST Wall Rails

The ST Wall Rails by Ultra Wine Racks & Cellars are unique wall wine racks that showcase bottles with the corks facing out. If you wanted to optimize your wine storage spaces, these wall-mounted metal wine racks are fantastic!

These sleek, minimalist metal wall wine racks are also an easy do-it-yourself DIY wine rack project. You can create a decorative wine rack or personalized wine rack in any way you want without compromising on space.

Ultra ST Wall Rails - (3 to 12 wine bottle racks)


3. Floor-to-Ceiling Wine Storage Racks

Maximum Wine Storage with Floor-to-Ceiling Wine Racks | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer

Is there a particular spot in your wine cellar that needs some transformation? This floor-to-ceiling wine display can be exactly what you need to give a fresh start in that area! With the floor-to-ceiling mounted wine racks, you can exhibit your fine wine collection, make the most of your wine storage space, and capture the attention of your guests.

The use of floor wine racks can create these floor-to-ceiling wine displays. They also make excellent corner wine racks! We highly recommend this floor-to-ceiling wine rack for corners, wine rack for floors, and hard-to-reach spaces.

Best Floor-to-Ceiling Wine Racks: Ultra Floor-To-Ceiling Wine Racks

The Floor-To-Ceiling Wine Racks by Ultra Wine Racks and Cellars are the best wine racks for maximizing space. You can always store your wine collection efficiently, whether you wish to do a dining table with a wine rack, under stairs wine rack, or creative retail wine displays.

The greatest thing about these floor wine racks is that it's incredibly easy to set up and enables you to design a custom wine rack.

Floor-to-Ceiling Wine Racks (double-sided and single-column wine rack options)


4. Straightforward Display Row

Straightforward Display Row | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer

A new way to store & display your wine. Ideal for wine enthusiasts looking to store and showcase their favorite wines with a straightforward DIY installation. Also perfect for creative retail wine displays and commercial applications where maximum label visibility is needed to maximize wine sales.

This kind of display makes any wine cellar appear well-organized and attractive. Ultra modern wine racks like the Display Rows are a perfect choice!

Best Metal Wine Rack: Ultra Display Row

Display Row by Ultra Wine Racks and Cellars is a black metal wine racking system designed to safely store your valuable wine bottles while displaying them at the best viewing position. The label-out design of this modular wine rack storage system showcases wine bottles and makes them ideal for use as commercial wine racks.

Another great feature of the Ultra Display Row is its capacity to be placed on several surfaces using strategically chosen mounting locations to protect and preserve your wine collection. Complements well with the HZ Wall Rails and Floor-To-Ceiling Wine Racks.

Display Row by Ultra Wine Racks & Cellars


5. Wine Rack Panel Displays

Wine Rack Panels for Growing Wine Collections | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer

Sometimes a little background is needed for wall décor to really stand out. Your wine displays could use a lil bit of "pop" by using wine rack panels as a backdrop.

The best tip for bringing life to your design if you have a plain wall wine display is to use panels. You can put your favorite wines on one panel or group many panels together to make a magnificent display.

Here is our top pick, which will definitely work with any wine cellar ideas, whether you're going for a rustic wine wall rack or a modern wall wine rack design.

Best Wine Rack Panels: Ultra Fusion Panels

The Fusion Panels by Ultra Wine Racks and Cellars are modular, wall-mounted wine racks that will surely make any wine cellar wine racks pop! And if you feel like adding some LED lighting to your wine cellar racks, the Fusion Panel has a space on the back of the recessed faceplate that is ready to be illuminated with LED lighting.

Choose between HZ Label-Out or ST Cork-Out options and is available in 3 different colors.

Dark Finish

Black Acrylic



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Wine Racks - Ultra Wine Racks | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer

Where should a wine rack be placed in a house?

The best places to put your wine rack should be:

  • Wine Cellars. This is the best place to store wine since they are dark, cool, and have a consistent temperature.
  • Wine closets or wine cabinets.
  • Wine rooms away from the sun and kitchen appliances.

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What happens if you don't rack wine?

Without wine racks, the cork in your wine will dry up and run the risk of acquiring some odd flavors, which are usually brought on by active yeast feeding on dead yeast cells and other components in the wine. 

You don't want that for your wines, right? So, it's very important to store wine safely and neatly in one place with the help of wine racks. Make sure to invest in the best wine racks for your wine cellar.

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Should wine be stored horizontally or vertically?

"Is it better to store wine vertically or horizontally?" To keep wine bottles with corks moist, the best solution is to store them horizontally.

A cork that is too dry may shrivel up and allow air into the bottle, prematurely aging the wine and making the cork hard to remove. Keeping wine on its side or stored horizontally helps maintain the cork moist, which is essential for long-term preservation.

What is the best material for a wine rack?

Wooden wine racks and stainless steel wine racks are the two best materials for wine racks. Both wood and metal wine racks can be used as long as strong bolts are used to secure them. Humidity is less likely to damage wine metal racks while wood wine racks may need additional maintenance.

Where to buy wine racks?

The best place to get wine racks for excellent wine storage is Ultra Wine Racks and Cellars. For years, they have offered the best wine racks for home and commercial use.

Wine Coolers Empire is the best place to buy wine racks. Contact us or give call us at +1-888-407-7770 for inquiries. Get the cheapest wine racks and the best deals on wine racks today!


Final Thoughts

Wine Racks make a wonderful addition to any home décor – whether you’re exploring your wine-drinking options or just want to display it. Wine racks can be a fun way to display your favorite bottles of wine, which is why it's so important that you make the most of them.

We hope these wine rack ideas helped you in choosing the perfect wine display or a unique blend of both. Be creative and give your wine cellar a fresh new look to kick off the new year!

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