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Wine Cellar Design Ideas to Display Your Wine

Wine Cellar Design Ideas to Display Your Wine

A wine cellar is likely to be the most lucrative investment you'll ever make. If you are a wine connoisseur, you sure know how valuable and well renowned vintage wines are. How exciting it is to have them in your home and let them develop their taste and aroma. However, there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to building your own wine cellar.

If you need more information, possibly for your personal project that you want to start this year, here's a Guide to Building Your Own Wine Cellar.

Once you’ve considered these factors, the next thing you need is an innovative design to store your wine collection. We've prepared a list of amazing wine cellar ideas in this article to guide you in creatively displaying your wine bottles. Read on to be inspired.


Underground Wine Cellar

Underground Wine Cellar

What comes into your mind when you think about having a wine cellar? That’s right, an underground location. Wine cellars have long been associated with underground spaces or basements. During ancient times, people did not have access to proper insulation or wine cellar cooling units. In order to control temperature, humidity and vibration, wine cellars were built underground or in subterranean caves.

Do you have a basement at home? Time to renovate and transform it into an underground home for your collection. Having an underground wine cellar in your home never goes out of style and it will be a tremendous advantage.

Make the underground cellar as inviting as possible. Purchase wine racks to personalize your displays, as well as a wine cellar cooling unit to keep your wines fresh and don’t have to worry about temperature and humidity fluctuations.

Our professional HVAC gathered these 9 Best Wine Cellar Cooling Units for you.


Wine Wall

Not all wine bottles should be kept in an underground wine cellar. Your collection deserves to be shown off in a stylish way and there’s no better way to achieve that than by creating a wine wall! They have become a popular design trend this year.

We can show you ways on how to display your favorite bottles on your wall in a variety of ways.

Wine Rack Wall Art

Ultra Wine Racks
With a wall-mounted display, you can show off your bottles artistically. Display your wine collection as though you are narrating a story, it could be your favorite bottles from your trip to Napa Valley or bottles from important years in your life, it's entirely up to you what you choose to showcase. Whether you use it in your living room or dining room, it will be a magnificent visual centerpiece.

Our recommendation: The Fusion Wine Wall is ideal for exhibiting a few unique wine bottles as wall decor. Also, this is a practical option since you can place the bottles horizontally to prevent corks from drying out.

Wall of Wine

Wall of Wine - Ultra Wine Racks
Do you wish to turn your large wine collection into a modern exhibition space? One suggestion for custom wine storage is to turn a full wall into a wine rack. While this notion may require a professional’s assistance, the finished outcome is likely to be a conversation piece.

Alternatively, you may use wall-mounted racks to stack your bottles on the wall and make them the focal point of your living room or kitchen. You can even attach glass doors to keep it sealed. It comes with the benefit of reduced vibration and easy bottle monitoring.



Floor-to-Ceiling - Ultra Wine Racks

Take modern wine storage to new heights with the floor-to-ceiling wine racking system. It’s an absolute must-have addition to showcase your collection in a sophisticated, modern and organized manner.

Our recommendation: Whether you want to maximize the storage of your wine collection or create an elegant room divider in your home or restaurant, Ultra Wine Racks have a selection of these floor-to-ceiling wine racks.


Built-In Wine Storage

A built-in wine storage unit is the best if you want to save up more floor space, plus they can be installed into cabinetry – closet, counters, kitchen islands, and shelves. It can also come in different shapes and sizes, depending on where you want to install it.

Here are a few wine bottle display ideas for you to consider:

Wine Closet

Wine Closet
Don't worry if you have limited space in your home or put your passion for wine on hold. You can always turn your closet into a unique wine cellar. This space can be the perfect location for your wine collection because it will be free from too much foot traffic and sunlight. And all you need is a wine cooler or a cabinet wine cellar cooling unit to keep the quality of your collection in peak condition.

Our recommendation: Our best selling cabinet wine cellar cooling unit brands are Breezaire and WhisperKOOL.

Vertical Storage

A vertical storage unit is a smart and contemporary storage solution. While many wine racks and cabinets are horizontal, there are also several choices for vertically stacking bottles. If you got yourself an awkward nook between some furniture, a vertical wine rack or storage unit is the practical answer.

This is great for people who have a small space but still want to show off their vintages. This remarkable wine storage solution will surely wow your guests!

Under the Stairs

Under the stairs wine cellar

If you have an unused space beneath your elegant staircase in your home and wanted to maximize it, you can transform it into a custom wine cellar.

Wine bottle storage under the stairs is a clever idea that doesn't take up any floor space, plus it can elevate your home’s aesthetics. Yes, you can construct the ultimate wine cellar design just beneath your stairs by using wall-mounted wine racks and a glass enclosure for a timeless appeal. Not only can you safely store and age your wines in wine cellars under the stairs, but they also add a refined touch to any home and immediately become its focal point!

The Final Word

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to designing a wine cellar, but these are some elegant ideas that you may want to consider this year. In the meanwhile, I hope these concepts piqued your interest. Be creative. The possibilities are endless!

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