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With over 20 years of experience, this company is branded by industry experts as one of the leaders in producing the most inventive and reliable wine fridges and beverage centers in the market. Allavino’s headquarters is located in San Diego, California, and has been renowned for its luxury and innovative wine refrigerators for storing and aging wine. Allavino uses both thermoelectric and compressors in their wine coolers in various capacities ranging from 12 up to 600+ bottles.

Allavino Wine Cooler & Beverage Center Series

This company continues to strive for more innovative ways to enhance and upgrade their wine fridges for better wine preservation and storage. Here are Allavino’s famous and leading wine refrigerator series:

FlexCount Series Wine Coolers & Beverage Centers

This is known for its unique innovative shelving design which cradles the bottles in a very special and brilliant way, preventing damaging vibrations and movements from hindering the maturation process of your precious wine collection. The unique design of the shelves makes it possible to store various sizes and types of wine to maximize the space. Allavino FlexCount capacities usually range from 30 to 354 bottles.

Vite Series Wine Coolers

For serious and avid wine collectors, you should look into the Allavino Vite Series with capacity ranging from 99 to 610 bottles. This series is great for both commercial use and large capacity wine storage and preservation. The ultra-thick shelves can support up to 55 lbs per shelf.

Tru-Vino Series Wine Coolers & Beverage Centers

This series features Allavino’s newest cooling technology, Tru-Vino, integrated with Flexcount and Vite series.

    Each wine cooler and beverage center from Allavino combines a sleek and stylish design with top-of-the-line and innovative cooling technology. If you are looking for the best wine fridge and/or beverage refrigerator for your home or commercial establishment, Allavino is the way to go!

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