People have been consuming wine for over 6000 years. It's delicious, it can make a wonderful occasion a miraculous event, and it grows straight out of the ground. Here at Allavino, we love wine and we aim to provide the utmost quality in our wine products and hope you agree.



Feature an advanced cooling system with energy-efficient compressors and a vibration dampening system that protects the sediments of your wine while reducing noise. Each Allavino wine refrigerator in this series is front-venting with a finished cabinet, allowing it to be built into cabinetry for a seamless look or used as an attractive freestanding display. The feature that really sets the FlexCount Allavino wine cooler apart is the specially designed wine rack that maximizes the interior space of the cabinet, allowing it to store more types of bottles. The Allavino dual zone wine cooler takes this even a step further by providing ideal conditions for the storage of both white and red wines. 



You don’t need to live in a wine estate to be able to properly store wine for any occasion. Our Cascina Allavino wine refrigerator series offers the ideal wine storage solution for limited space. Each model features beautiful styling complete with brushed stainless steel door frames, UV protected glass, sleek black cabinets, blue LED interior lighting, digital temperature displays, and easy-to-use push-button controls. Allavino dual zone wine cooler options are also available to keep both red and white wine stored at their optimal temperature. The 12-28 bottle models feature chrome racks and thermoelectric cooling technology for ultra-quiet and vibration-free operation. The 29-48 bottle models feature classic wooden shelves and top-quality compressors that provide reliable cooling. With 8 compact models to choose from, you’re sure to find a model that is perfect for your space. 



If you’re looking for versatile wine storage cabinets, look no further than the Allavino wine refrigerator   Vite Series. Each model has adjustable shelving, allowing you to space the racks out according to your storage needs. You can set them close together to achieve the utmost capacity in the space provided, or you can set them further apart to accommodate large diameter bottles. The strong shelves can support rows of bottles stacked on them, making them perfect for storing cases of the same type of wine. The Vite Series features internal fans in every model, which helps to prevent large differences in temperature between the upper and lower shelves and reduces initial cool downtime by 50%. An active charcoal filter helps keep unwanted odors out of the cabinet.  

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