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Raching Climate Controlled Cigar Humidor C330A

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Color: Black
Cedar Wood: Canada
Sale price$2,399.00 Regular price$3,005.10

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Raching Climate Controlled Cigar Humidor C330A

Looking for a climate-controlled cigar humidor? The Raching Climate Controlled Cigar Humidor C330A is an ideal solution.

  1.  The imported natural high-quality cherry /oak solid wood for unique design cabinet.
  2. Environmental protection paint coating effect with different colors, classical solid wood furniture.
  3. The imported plant fiber polymer wet membrane , quick and easy to replace it;
  4. Computer intelligent temperature and humidity control, 60-75% constant humidity, 18-22 °C constant temperature, avoiding cigar mildew or insect
  5. Wet filter with large exchange area, large humidification capacity, to meet the need of multi box cigar storage
  6. Embraco high back pressure refrigeration compressor imported from United States, specially designed for cigar cabinet
  7.  The cabinet back with fan-shaped air duct ,according to the position of the refrigeration system to ensure evenly air volume, temperature and humidity in each layer.
  8.  “Dry and wet separation" technology between the cabinet and the refrigeration system, no frost or condensation water leave in the cabinet;
  9. PTC heating, even if the room temperature in winter is cold, the cigar cabinet can automatically heat up and constant control the temperature;
  10.  Digital LCD display , one touch key operation, external control panel to avoid humidity sensitive fluctuation during the operation ;
  11.  The entire Spanish cedar wood liner, compared to the metal place liner, it is not easy to conduct heat and have condensate water, the cigar cabinet temperature and humidity is more stable
  12. Tray cedar solid wood shelf (can be upgraded to the spanish cedar wood shelf), suitable to store the loose cigar or box-packed cigar;
  13. 1Hollow tempered double-glass door without frame, more fashion and simple .
  14. The cigar cabinet with a security lock
  15. The cabinet can be customized per customer requirements.

    Purchase the Raching Climate Controlled Cigar Humidor C330A today and indulge in the luxury of perfectly preserved cigars!



    • Imported plant fiber polymer wet film, whole body microporous structure,
      the wet film transport moisture like leaves, precisely controlling the 70% optimum humidity. Humidification is more efficient and clean. 
    • Raching cigar cabinets use American Embraco medium and
      high back pressure compressor. Not freezing, moisture in the air is less when it is cooled. The humidity in the cabinet is more stable compared to the ordinary
      cigar cabinet.
    • Does not produce "white powder" and "fogging" phenomeno which caused easily by ultrasonic humidification and infrared humidification. Do not wet the cigars and cigarettes, humidification without any worry.
    • Traditional metal sheet cigar cabinet's metalliners tend to accumulate condensation water. Raching cigar cabinet liner is made of spanish
      cedar wood which can alcoholize cigars well. The wooden inner has no condensation water, which has better moisture absorption and moisturizing effect, and can effectively adjust the humidity inside of the cabinet. 

    • With independent cooling "black box", the refrigeration components are not directly in contact with the cabinet body. There is no flowing water and frosting in the cigar cabinet , but traditional metal sheet body has this problem. only with moist air,cigars are safer.
    • The humidification water tank collect the condensed water formed on the evaporator during the cooling process. The moisture is completely recycled in the cigar cabinet. Furthest extend humidity control time and avoid adding water frequently.


    Main features

    • Item code: C330A
    • Type of product: Cigar humidor
    • Dimensions H x W x D (mm): 610x600x1620mm
    • Brand: Raching
    • Warranty: 1 year
    • Door details: Tempered dark brown glass door
    • Handle type: Handle on the front
    • Door Materials: Hollow low-E double glass
    • Door opening direction: Right or left
    • Door type: Full Glass
    • Internal lighting: Yes
    • Shelf Quantity: 6
    • Shelf materials: Cedar
    • Type of interior lighting: LED
    • Maximum capacity: 900-1000 Cigars
    • Compressor brand: USA Embraco
    • Humidity display: Yes
    • Temperature display type: Backlit LCD touch screen
    • Activated carbon: Yes
    • Humidity measurement: Yes
    • Temperature setting range: 5°-22°C
    • Type of regulation: Electronic
    • Lock: Yes
    • External covering: Oak/Cherry wood
    • Coolant: R134A

    Shipment specifications

    • Gross weight: 110kg
    • Net weight: 95kg
    • Package size: H1840*D720*W720mm
    • Container volume: 20 GP container=24units 40 GP container=48units

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