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NO SALES TAX & FREE SHIPPING On Most Orders! Call or Text (888) 407-7770 to get the lowest price online! NOW OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK, 9AM-7PM EST
NO SALES TAX & FREE SHIPPING On Most Orders! Call or Text (888) 407-7770 to get the lowest price online! NOW OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK, 9AM-7PM EST


Customer satisfaction and loyalty are the foundation of our business success. We would like to say a big THANK YOU to our valued customers who have given us their honest reviews. To constantly improve, we always welcome your feedback on what we do and how we do it.

Wine Coolers Empire is your trustworthy and authorized online dealer and seller, providing you with the greatest Wine Cellar Cooling Units, Wine Coolers, Beverage Centers, Kegerators, Wine Racks, and other wine cellar cooler products. They offer some of the finest brands in the market such as WhisperKOOL, Breezaire, CellarCool, Allavino, Summit, and more. Every product is thoroughly researched and verified before it goes to our website. Our knowledgeable team will guide you through the process so you can trust that you're getting the best for your needs.

We strive to deliver you the best quality products and services. Contact us if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns. We pay attention to your needs and make sure you are happy with our service.

You can reach us from 6AM to 6PM PST - Monday to Friday.

Phone: +1-888-407-7770

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only does 64 degrees

Set button says it is factory set at 54 degrees. Has been plugged in for a week and only cools to 64.

Mark Collins - Pro 2000

Unit is in; however it is making a high pitched noise. Any advice?

FYI, I like you selection of Haut-Brion for the bottle probe sample. This property has been in my family since 1935 and is the oldest of Bordeaux. Thought you might find American ownership of interest.

In process

I haven't finished the installation yet but rant the unit for 25 minutes and it worked fine. I have the shelf almost ready and my buddy will help me lift it in place. All looks good!!

Great store!

At first I was very hesitant but I can't regret buying from this website. It is legit with real people and great prices. Will definitely buy from them again.

Working as advertised

Was in a panic when my WineMate died. Cellar Cool promised delivery in a week and it arrived on time. It took a few days to get the cellar to cool to 55 degrees again but it has maintained that now for two weeks. The major difference in the two units is that this takes out about a quart of water every day where the old unit never produced any water.

Man - The Ducting kit is Way bigger than I thought!

So - full disclosure... I am not a professional installer, I'm just your average Joe trying to replace my old WhisperKool AC unit with a new one AND had to swap out the ducting kit to do it. First off - The people at Wine Coolers Empire - Totally top notch and helpful. Any difficulties I'm encountering are not on them. Second, the kit that came in is big - larger than the space I'm venting to. Yes, I understand that it bends and that you can adjust it, but because it has the added fan unit in the ducting kit, it adds a good foot to 18 inches to the length of the duct. Where it's located in the unit is NOT adjustable, so you have to have a good space behind the unit to make it fit. I don't, so I had to MacGyver the hell out of it. Also, the unit attaches differently than the old unit which adds even more length to the ducting. I had to change this entirely, chisel out 1/2 from the side 2x4s so I could make the new housing work by attaching it to the unit on the room side - not the back space side. Ultimately, I had to pay $579 for the kit - really all I needed was the 1 piece that attaches to the cooler, I didn't need all the rest of the ducting, I already had it. Overall it was a triumph of ingenuity! Did I mention I had to work on this thing 3 weekends in a row to make it work? My brain hurts from having to think so much. Hopefully I'll be dead before I have to replace the next one.

Great Service, good price, timely delivery, very happy

Had to replace an ancient discontinued Whisperkool unit. Sent pictures to Mary and she was able to identify it and offer a replacement suggestion. Got a bit of a discount, unit arrived within the week. When I went to install the unit the old ducting kit no longer works with the newer, more efficient model (of course), so now I need to pick up the ducting kit... I've reached out to them and they responded that they'll be getting back to me today.

It works!!

This replaced same model 20 years old. So far so good. Be sure to install level on both axis so water flows out as intended.

`Whispercool 2500

I just replaced my cooler unit and it is working perfectly. Was easy to order and I liked that when I ordered, you asked for the Serial Number of the old unit. Very professional

Breezaire was easy to install and is working as per specs.

Breezaire WKCE Series Cooling System Wine Frige WKCE 1060 x 1

The time from when the cooling system was incredibly fast. Very easy to install. Thank you for the great service. It hard to find a company that has such great service.

Great product, worth the price

This Ice Maker under-counter is nice and well-made. It has been a great addition to my home bar. It's better than I expected.

Fast Shipping!

Our ice maker arrived on time and was very simple to install. It looks great and is working perfectly! Thank you for all your help!

Thanks a lot!

My husband and I chose the Wine Coolers Empire Ice maker under-counter unit to replace our old under counter unit. We were looking for something that would hold more ice, and fit the space we had. They were easy to work with, and their customer service is outstanding. I can't imagine going with anyone else!

Perfect Ice Maker

We are so happy with the ice maker. It is quiet, and sturdy. Reversible stainless steel door with full-length handle, a touch of elegance. Might just be the best addition to our new kitchen. We've had it only a short time, but so far it works perfectly. Thanks for your help in choosing this particular model!


I've owned this wine beverage for a few months now and I just keep loving it more and more. It's a great looking beverage, but more than that it's kept my wine at an exact temperature for the duration of its entire contents. Not too cold, not too warm, just perfect. I got this fridge after my last one made the wine taste bad.

Fast Shipping!

I got my wine cooler beverage yesterday. It's pretty powerful. I'm just so happy with my purchase. Thank you so much for the efficient service and quick delivery of my wine cooler.

Classy indeed!

The wine cooler is indeed very quiet and works perfectly. The front glass is thick and durable. It's got a classy look and makes me want to sit there, drink wine, and relax.

Great reps, highly recommended store

I called Wine Coolers Empire to discuss my options for a wine refrigerator. I am a wine enthusiast, and I want to make sure that whatever product I invest in has longevity. After only one conversation with the sales team, I was convinced that this is the brand for me. They were extremely helpful and informative, but not pushy or forceful at all.

Elegant Design

If you are looking for a wine cooler free-standing, this is the best one out there. It has great features and comes in an elegant design. I love to entertain guests at home and this fridge is my go-to option when it comes to chilling wines.

Excellent unit

It's been a great addition to our kitchen remodel. No problems with noise or temperature. The fridge seals well, and the stainless front is a nice touch. I commend how friendly are the reps of Wine Coolers Empire.

Noise Free

I have bought a few wine coolers in the past that were too big, too small and noisy. I was looking for a wine cooler that fit my needs and budget and I just happened to stumble across this one. The reps of Wine Coolers Empire are top-notch as well.

So pleased with this unit

I have used the wine coolers for a month now and I'm very pleased. It was very easy to install and runs like a champ. The temperature is very stable.

Best unit

I have never had a wine cooler before, so for me this was the best way to go. This unit is very nicely built and has more features than I will ever use. The unit seems to be well made and is constructed very high quality.