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The term Kegerator is just a combination of "keg" and "refrigerator".

Kegerators are appliances designed to store and dispense your kegs. Whenever a keg is kept in a cold refrigerated area with CO2 used to pressurize and dispense it, you can be sure your beer or the contents of your keg will remain fresh and carbonated in long periods of time, even for months!

Number of Taps 

We have a wide collection of kegerators with a various number of taps:

This appliance is usually used to dispense draft beer but it can also be used to dispense cold brew coffee, wine, homebrew, and even kombucha. But remember, you might need some modification for these other applications of a kegerator. Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor use, single to four tap, or freestanding and built-in kegerators, we have them all here!

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