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Allavino FlexCount Classic 346 Bottle Three Zone Wine Fridge 3Z-YHWR7274-SW

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Allavino FlexCount Classic 346 Bottle Three Zone Wine Fridge 3Z-YHWR7274-SW Review

New Model Available Now:

Allavino FlexCount Classic II Tru-Vino 346 Bottle Three Zone Stainless Steel Wine Cooler YHWR7274-S20


  • The Allavino 3Z-YHWR7274-SW FlexCount Series Triple Zone Wine Refrigerator is a versatile and convenient wine cellar that is packed with features for optimal wine storage
  • This wine cellar features a black cabinet, stainless steel framed glass french doors, stainless steel curved and towel bar handles, and interior blue lighting
  • Wine cooler includes three independently controlled zones for simultaneously chilling red, white, and sparkling wine at their optimal temperatures with a set range between 40 and 65 F degrees
  • Allavino's wine refrigerator comes equipped with 29 sturdy roller-guide wooden shelves that are capable of storing and cooling up to 346 bottles of wine at one time
  • This unit has a fully finished cabinet along with a front ventilation construction making it suitable for both freestanding and built-in installations

Please Note: The 3Z-YHWR7274-SW is made up of two separate units placed side by side. Each unit has it's own power cord. 

It's impressive 346 bottle storage capacity and three distinct cooling zones make this Allavino Flex Count Series 3Z-YHWR7274-SW Multi-Zone Wine Refrigerator the ideal storage option for wine enthusiasts, enabling you to store your large and diverse wine collection at varying temperatures. Made up of one single zone wine cooler and one dual zone wine cooler with opposite hinged doors placed side by side, this wine cellar features three individually operated, well-defined cooling zones that allow you to store red, white, and sparkling wines simultaneously. You can monitor and adjust the temperature in each zone using clear digital displays with simple and convenient push-button controls, and the unit's solid wooden wine racks slide out on full-extension rollers for easy access to any bottle in your collection.


Allavino FlexCount Classic 346 Bottle Three Zone Wine Fridge 3Z-YHWR7274-SW


Three Temperature Zones


Thanks to this wine refrigerator's three-zone design, you can store red, white, and sparkling wines simultaneously at their ideal temperatures. The single zone side is adjustable between 40-65 degrees Fahrenheit, while the dual zone side features an upper zone that can be adjusted between 40-56 degrees Fahrenheit and a lower zone that can be adjusted between 54-65 degrees Fahrenheit. Internal fans direct cool air to where it's needed most, while a state-of-the-art compressor delivers superior cooling while remaining efficient enough to meet the California Department of Energy's strict consumption guidelines.


Wooden Shelves Extend on Rollers


Your wine bottles are stored on 29 sturdy wooden shelves that effectively cradle each bottle to help reduce harmful vibration that might disturb your wine's sediment during long-term storage. These shelves extend smoothly on telescoping roller assemblies, giving you the ability to easily view and access every bottle in your collection, including the normally hard-to-reach rear bottles.


Digital Controls


Two intuitive control panels with digital displays and push-button controls allow you to easily manage the temperature in each zone individually and provide precise control by letting you adjust the temperature up or down in one-degree increments. Once you've set your desired temperature, the display will show the current internal temperature, so you can track the unit's performance at a glance. You can also use the powerful control panel to activate the cool blue LED lighting, toggle the display between Celsius and Fahrenheit, and turn the unit on or off with the push of a button.


Attractive Design


This wine cellar marries classic elegant design with high-performance features for a superior wine storage showcase that is sure to be the talk of your next party. The sleek black cabinet with fully finished top and sides makes this unit a stunning freestanding addition to any room of your home, while the front-venting construction allows it to be built into cabinetry for a seamless look. Finishing touches like UV-protected glass doors, cool blue LED display lighting, and durable wooden wine racks are sure to make this wine refrigerator unforgettable.

  • Up to 346 bottle capacity*
    This bottle count is an estimate based on 3" diameter standard wine bottle. If you have larger bottle diameters, you may hold less bottles per rack or you can remove racks to accommodate the larger bottle sizes.
  • Black Cabinet and Two Stainless Steel Framed Glass Doors with French style opening.
  • Stainless Steel Curved AND Towel Bar Handles
  • Three separate cooling zones give you the ability to store multiple varietals of wine at differing temperatures*
    • Single zone side can be set between 40-65 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Upper zone of dual zone side can be set between 40-56 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Lower zone of dual zone side can be set between 54-65 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature: 90 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Minimum Ambient Temperature: The lowest temperature you want to store your wine at. The unit does not have a heater, so if the ambient temperature is lower than the set temperature, the internal temperature will match the external temperature.
  • LED Temperature Displays
  • Temperature can be displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Simple Push button controls
  • Fan-forced cooling for even temperature distribution
  • Cool Blue interior lighting
  • Beautiful hardwood shelves
Allavino FlexCount Classic 346 Bottle Three Zone Wine Fridge 3Z-YHWR7274-SW
Allavino FlexCount Classic 346 Bottle Three Zone Wine Fridge 3Z-YHWR7274-SW
Allavino FlexCount Classic 346 Bottle Three Zone Wine Fridge 3Z-YHWR7274-SW
Allavino FlexCount Classic 346 Bottle Three Zone Wine Fridge 3Z-YHWR7274-SW
  • Beveled shelf slats securely cradle wine bottles to reduce vibration
  • Telescoping roller glides extend shelves far enough to access rear bottles
  • Security Lock
  • Dual Paned Glass Door with UV Protection
  • Built-in or Freestanding use

* - Lower Zone must be set 2 degrees warmer than the Upper Zone and zones cannot be set more than 12 degrees apart

Allavino FlexCount Classic 346 Bottle Three Zone Wine Fridge 3Z-YHWR7274-SW

We realize that there is no "standard" bottle size anymore. Here is a small sample of bottle size variations and how they can affect your overall bottle capacity. Each of these bottles have varying widths and heights.

  • Bottle A is the ideal bottle size. The bottles are just short enough that the neck of the back bottles fit between the shoulders of the front bottles without touching and the 2-15/16" diameter allows plenty of room between bottles. This allows you to fit 20 bottles on the top rack in each zone and 11 bottles on the other 26 racks with a total capacity of 346.
  • Bottle B is taller than the average bottle at both the top and the shoulder. If only using this size bottle, the top of the rear bottles on the rack would hit the shoulder of the front bottles on the rack and push them too far to either side to have bottles all the way across the front of the rack. On the single zone side, we were able to fit 8 bottles on a shelf, with one bottle in front and another bottle in the back, then skipping a groove before adding another bottle in the front. On the dual zone side, were were able to fit 11 bottles on the top shelf in each zone and the very bottom shelf by putting 6 bottles across in the grooves with 5 bottles stacked on top of them. On each of the remaining 11 shelves, were were able to get 8 bottles per shelf with one bottle in front and another bottle in the back, then skipping a groove before adding another bottle in the front. That would reduce the overall capacity to 255 bottles if your entire collection were this size, but you can have bottle B in the back with bottle A in the front of each rack and still achieve the maximum capacity of 346 bottles.
  • Bottle C also works well. It is 2-3/4" wide at the base, but 3 1/4" wide at the shoulder. The grooves are spaced enough that the shoulder will touch the bottle next to it, but the height still allows you to fit the normal amount of bottles on a shelf for the full 346 bottle capacity.
  • Bottle D is shorter and wider, and the bigger diameter will not allow you to stack bottles on the bottom shelf. This reduces the overall capacity by 10, for a maximum capacity of 336 bottles if your entire collection were this size.
  • Bottle E is even wider, with a diameter of 3-1/2". They still fit on most of the shelves without having to remove a rack, but they require that a groove be skipped between the bottles which reduced the bottles per shelf to 8 on the upper shelves and 5 on the bottom shelf. That would reduce the overall capacity to 226 bottles if your entire collection were this size.

We understand that every collection is different, and we hope that providing this information will help you determine how your collection will work with this product.

Height 76.5"
Width 47.5"
Depth 27.0" (28.75" w/handles)
Unit Weight 490 lbs.
Shipping Weight 575 lbs.
Key Features
Built-in Capable Yes
Security Lock Yes
Multiple / Dual Zone Yes
Beverage Center No
Cabinet Color / Material Black Metal
ADA Compliant No
Commercial Use No
Outdoor Use No
Energy Star Rated No
Wine Bottle Count Up to 346 Bottles
Adjustable Thermostat Yes
Digital Yes
Cooling System
Type Compressor
Defrost System Auto
Front Ventilation Yes
Type Glide-Out
Number of Shelves 29
Material Hardwood
Removable Yes
Adjustable No
Glide-Out (Roller Assemblies) Yes
Bottles per Shelf Varies
Color Black
Compartments (Distinct Zones) 3
Lighting Blue LED
Type Glass
Number of Doors 2
Color / Material Black Frame
Door Handle Towel Bar AND Curved
Field Reversible No
Tinted / UV Protective Yes
Self-Closing No
Electrical Requirements 115V/60Hz
Running Amps 2.4



Labor - 12 Months


For one year from the date of purchase by the original owner, Allavino will, at its option, repair or replace any part of theunit, which proves to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use. During this period Allavino will provide all parts and labor necessary to correct such defects free of charge, so long as the unit has been installed and operated in accordance with the written instructions in the user manual. In cases where a product cannot be repaired, Allavino will provide you with a reasonably similar replacement product that is either new or factory refurbished. In rental or commercial use, the warranty period is 90 days. All Allavino Appliances of 3.5 cubic feet capacity or less must be brought/sent to the appliance service shop for repair.

Parts - 60 Months


For the second through the fifth year from date of original purchase, Allavino Products will provide a replacement compressor free of charge due to a failure. You are responsible for the service labor and freight charges. In rental or commercial use, the limited compressor warranty is one year and nine months. Cost to move the appliance to the servicers' shop and back to the user's home, as may be required, are the user's responsibility.

Additional Details


  • Content losses of food or other, due to spoilage.
  • Incidental or consequential damages.
  • Parts and labor costs for the following will not be considered as a warranty:
    • Door springs, and/or frames.
    • Inner door panels, door rails and/or door supports.
    • Light bulbs and/or plastic housing.
    • Plastic cabinet liners.
    • A punctured evaporator that voids the warranty on the complete sealed system.
    • Repairs performed by unauthorized servicers.
    • Shipping and handling costs associated with the replacement of the unit.
    • Service calls that do not involve defects in material or workmanship such as customer education, door reversal, or proper installation.
    • Surcharges including, but not limited to, any after hour, weekend, or holiday service calls, tolls, ferry trip charges, or mileage expense for a service call to remote areas, including the State of Alaska.
    • Service calls that are related to external problems, such as abuse, misuse, inadequate electrical power, accidents, fire, floods, or acts of God.
    • Replacement of house fuses or resetting circuit breakers.
  • Failure of the product if it is used for other than its intended purpose.
  • This warranty does not apply outside the Continental USA.




User Manual 1

User Manual 2



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I got it installed on my restaurant. It works perfectly and keeps my wines chilled even in our busy times

Great coolers

Very quiet, smooth draws on ball bearing glides. It looks great . It has a slightly golden smoky hue to the glass. Very attractive.