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Every great wine collection needs a smart wine cellar solution. If you want to keep your wine bottles at the ideal temperature for long-term storage, Wine Racks are just as vital as choosing a cooling system for wine cellars.

There are many wine racks available for every space, design, and price range – whether you need them to hold your large wine collection or to fit them into a small space for your home wine cellar or wine cellar cabinet. To get you started, we've put together a list of the top wine racks from Ultra Wine Racks and Cellars, but first, let’s talk about the factors to consider when buying a wine rack…

What to Look for in a Wine Rack

What to Look for in a Wine Rack | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer

Although there aren't many things to take into account, here are the basic key factors you should know to help you find which wine rack will best suit your needs.

1. Size

The first thing you need is a wine rack that will fit in your wine room. Make sure to measure the area and the wine rack depth before you decide on a type of wine rack. 

If you choose a more simple setup, you can simply install multiple small wine racks on your wall. Corner wine racks are a terrific choice if you want to make the most of every available space in your wine cellar. If your space is limited, hanging wine racks and wall-mounted wine racks are great options.

Consider the wine bottle size as well. While many varieties of wine have regular bottle sizes, if you purchase large bottles, you'll need a wine rack storage that can hold bottles of all sizes and shapes.

2. Capacity

Do you need a 4-bottle wine rack? 20-bottle wine rack? or perhaps a higher-capacity wine rack for 100 bottles?

This depends on the number of bottles you like to keep in your wine storage. Wine Racks can have the following bottle capacities:

3. Material

There are many kinds of materials such as wood wine racks, metal wine racking, and stainless steel wine racks. Wooden wine racks offer a more traditional look and usually come in warm colors that many people find appealing. Wine metal racks, on the other hand, are often silver or black metal wine racks perfect for modern wine cellars or modern wine rack walls.

The best material for wine rack? It is entirely up to you to decide whether you choose traditional or ultra modern wine racks.

4. Design

The design of a wine rack is also important. You may find wine racks in a variety of colors, styles, and designs, including those that complement modern wine rooms, rustic wine wall racks, under stairs wine racks, and those that add a touch of elegance to your wine storage racks. Commercial wine racks are also available, which you can use for creative retail wine displays.

Get something that will bring your wine rack ideas to life!

5. Cost

Lastly, this is one of the most important factors. The cost of large winery racks can reach over $1,000 in some circumstances, while small wine racks for sale can be as low as $15.

You’ll also find a wide range of pricing options. Some will cost more than others if they come with features like a cabinet wine rack or wine rack shelf. For hanging wine racks and wall wine racks, you want them to be as sturdy and high quality as possible so might as well spend a little bit more on them.

There are so many different types and designs of wine bottle racks available that you're likely to discover one that fits your needs and is within your budget.

Top 3 Best-Selling Ultra Wine Racks

Finding a wine rack that meets your needs can be challenging given the wide varieties available. Ultra Wine Racks and Cellars specializes in creating wine cellar racks that are both aesthetically beautiful and practical.

We know how important it is for you to set the right ambiance in your wine cellar with the ultra durable wine racks to hold and protect your precious bottles, so we’re proud to feature our Ultra Wine Racks top sellers!

1. Best Modern Wine Rack: Floor-To-Ceiling Wine Rack

Nothing maximizes space like a Floor-to-Ceiling Wine Rack. Whether you want to store it in your main living room, dining area, or wine cellar basement, you can always store your wine collection effectively with the Floor-To-Ceiling package by Ultra Wine Racks & Cellars.

The best part is that this floor wine rack is that it's really easy to install and allows you to create a personalized wine rack. The Floor-to-Ceiling packages can have their height adjusted, and the "packages" have interchangeable part numbers.


Ultra Wine Racks Ultra Floor-to-Ceiling Post (FTC-10FT-MBK-D)


Ultra Wine Racks Ultra Floor-to-Ceiling Post FTC-10FT-MBK-D | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer

The Ultra Wine Racks Ultra Floor-to-Ceiling Post serves as a support post for the Ultra Floor-To-Ceiling wine rack wall system. It comes in two five-foot sections and can be custom cut to accommodate any height from 5 feet and up and connects via a coupler.

Create a gorgeous single-column wine rack by pairing it with Ultra Wine Racks HZ Wall Rails or Display Row.

Ultra Wine Racks Floor-to-Ceiling Backer Channel (FTC-BC-MBK)

Ultra Wine Racks Floor-to-Ceiling Backer Channel FTC-BC-MBK | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer

Give additional support to your Floor-to-Ceiling 1-sided wine display with the Ultra Wine Racks Floor-to-Ceiling Backer Channel.

Ultra Wine Racks Floor-to-Ceiling Mounted Wine Rack

The most popular Floor-to-Ceiling Mounted Displays are 1-sided and 2-sided options.


2. Best Mounted Wine Racks: Ultra Wine Racks - HZ Wall Rails

To transform a plain, ordinary wall into a perfect wall wine rack system for your collection – all you need is the best wall mounted wine rack.

HZ Wall Rails are perfect for people who want to creatively display their wine collection. HZ stands for "horizontal" which simply means "parallel to the wall." The labels of your bottles are held facing outward, allowing you to see them without having to pick up, handle, or otherwise disrupt your valuable collection.

These horizontal wine racks have a minimalist design profile and durable wine rack metal construction that will turn your wall into a sleek and modern wine wall display!


HZ Wall Rails by Ultra Wine Racks | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted DealerHZ Wall Rails by Ultra Wine Racks | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer

Ultra Wine Racks HZ Wall Rails 1FT Metal Wine Rack(3 bottles to 9 Bottles)
Ultra Wine Racks HZ Wall Rails - 2FT Metal Wine Rack(6 bottles to 18 bottles)
Ultra Wine Racks HZ Wall Rails - 3FT Metal Wine Racks (9 to 27 Bottles)
Ultra Wine Racks HZ Wall Rails - 4FT Metal Wine Racks (12 to 36 Bottles)


3. Best Wall Mounted Wine Rack: Ultra Wine Racks - ST Wall Rails

Another one that made it to the best wall wine racks. Saving space is easier than you would’ve imagined with ST Wall Rails by Ultra Wine Racks!

The Ultra ST Wall Rails are vertical wine racks that maximize and simplify your storage options by holding your bottles with the corks facing out. These unique wall wine racks can be used for wall wine rack DIY or wine rack for cabinets. Your wine-loving guests will surely notice it and be drawn into the special wine rack wall display you have made. You can rely on the sturdiness of these wine wall racks – space-saving, safe, and secure!


ST Wall Rails by Ultra Wine Racks & Cellars | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted DealerST Wall Rails by Ultra Wine Racks & Cellars | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer

Ultra Wine Racks Straight Wall Rails - BESTSELLERS!!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to store wine?

The best way to store wine is in a wine cellar or wine closet equipped with a high-quality wine cooler unit and using the appropriate wine racks. Learn more about building a wine cellar through this Step-by-Step Guide

How do you organize a wine rack?

The best wine rack arrangement is essentially the one that makes sense to you. Most people that organize their wine racks do so by wine type, grape, or origin. Getting rid of the ones you'll never consume is also a great method to organize your wine rack.

Can you put a wine rack in living rooms?

Definitely! You can install wine racks for home such as the living room, basement, etc. You can find out how to build wine racks for a cellar, create unique wine racks, and get more wine rack design ideas in this blog: Wine Cellar Ideas.

What are the best wine racks from Ultra Wine Racks?

We’re glad you asked! Feel free to check out the best metal wine racks from Ultra Wine Racks and Cellars!

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Where to buy Wine Racks?

Ultra Wine Racks & Cellars offers the greatest wine racks for both residential and commercial wine racks. For all of your wine cellar needs, Wine Coolers Empire is the best place to buy wine racks and wine cellar cooling systems. 

The Final Word

The featured wine cellar wine racks listed above are among our top sellers for a reason. For any custom wine racks or DIY wine racks, Ultra Wine Racks offers high-quality wine rack displays and wall-mounted metal wine racks. We always have faith in the quality and effectiveness of Ultra Wine Racks. Invest in these best-sellers and you won't regret it!

Buy Ultra Wine Racks to Build your Dream Wine Cellar!

Wine Coolers Empire is the best place to get wine racks! Your authorized and trusted dealer of the best wine racks, the quietest wine cellar cooling units, through-the-wall wine cooling units, wine cabinet coolers, small wine cellar cooling units, commercial and residential wine cellar coolers, and other wine cellar refrigeration units for proper wine cellar cooling and humidity!

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