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Breezaire WKCE Series Cooling System Wine Fridge WKCE 2200

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Breezaire WKCE Series Cooling System Wine Fridge WKCE 2200 Overview

WKCE 2200 is a direct replacement for WKC 2200 & OEM 2200.

All Breezaire cooling systems are specialized designs that create a kind of carefully controlled environment demanded products that are highly sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. They are not intended for use in standard refrigeration applications. 

By the nature of their operation, thermoelectric wine cellar cooling units will maintain a stable humidity level, lower than the relative ambient humidity. In situations where the ambient humidity is high, the wine cellar cooling units will lower the humidity to desirable storage levels. In situations where the ambient relative humidity is very low, the desired enclosure relative humidity may not be achieved without adding moisture. To add moisture to the enclosure only use slow, natural evaporation from a small porous water container. Do not use a humidifier. 

The Breezaire Wine Cooler WKCE 2200 is a compact design with cold air discharge at the bottom, which makes them ideal for installation in cabinets. Because of this configuration, this cooling unit is not rated for a specified number of cubic feet. They are intended for cabinets and other constricted enclosures. 

These compact compressor wine cooler units are designed to cool 25° less than the ambient temperature of the venting side of the unit. In some cases, improper placement or installation may cause the unit's performance to be degraded. 


  • Adjustable Temperature - The ideal temperature for storing and aging wine is between 50°F and 60°F. Each Breezaire wine cooler unit includes an adjustable thermostat that makes it possible for the user to precisely control the conditions in the wine cellar. When initially bringing the temperature down to the desired level and in maintaining the target temperature, the system produces a gentle stream of cool air never a blast of cold air that could subject the wine to abrupt temperature changes.
  • Automatic Humidity Control - Humidity must be present in the wine cellar to prevent cork and label deterioration. The gentle cooling action of the system maintains the relative humidity in the 50% to 75% range, eliminating excess moisture but never allowing the air to become dry enough to create an undesirable condition. (Additional moisture may be required in extremely dry climates.)
  • Vibration Control - All Breezaire cooling systems are engineered to control vibration by dampening mounts throughout the cooling system. All units are hand-assembled and tested to ensure that they meet the most exacting standards, resulting in a wine that has greater clarity and brilliance.
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation - Breezaire cooling units perform their task quietly and unobtrusively to preserve the atmosphere of isolation from the outside world that makes a visit to a wine cellar a unique experience.
  • Attractive Metal Cabinet - An attractive metal cabinet that blends in with the décor of your cellar area and can be flush mounted to any wall.
  • Ease of Installation - Breezaire Products Company's most popular systems are completely self-contained modules that are simply mounted in a wall and connected to a standard 115 AC source. No plumbing, complicated wiring, or special procedures including the on-site installation of refrigerant are required.
  • Uncompromising Quality - All Breezaire wine coolers are designed to deliver superior performance. Constructed using only the highest quality components, and hand assembly by skilled craftsmen in our U.S. production facilities.
  • Comprehensive Warranty Coverage - Owners enjoy the security of warranty coverage that reflects Breezaire ’s high standards.
  • Full Factory Support Support in the form of expertise in system selection, enclosure design, and enclosure problem solving is just a phone call away.

Available in WKCE 1060 for 140 cu.ft. cellar size and WKCE 2200 for 265 cu.ft. cellar size.



Dimensions (H x W x D): 10.50" x 18" x 16.50"
Capacity: Up to 265 cu. ft.
Installation: Through-the-Wall
High-Temperature Alarm: No
Electronic Controls: Yes
Digital Temperature Display: Yes
Humidity Control: Automatic
Defrost System: Automatic
Exhaust Direction: Rear
Electrical Requirements: 115 V / 60 Hz - 4 A
BTU Cooling: 2200
Weight: 55 lbs
Labor: 1 Year
Parts: 5 Years

Sentry III+ control system offers the following features: 

  • Large, easy to read, cool green display.
  • Accurate, easy to adjust, readable set points with continuous reading of enclosure temperature or displaying of set point when changing enclosure temperatures. 
  • Power outage protection, which delays units start-up after power outages.
  • Blocked airflow protection, which shuts down the unit and protects wine in case of high temperatures caused by condenser blockage or fan failure.
  • Controls temperature by enclosure air sensors or optional bottle probe.
  • Units are shipped from the factory fully charged and ready for use when mounted in a wall and connected to 115 AC volt source.

Do you have a different size wine cabinet? Or just want to check your options? Check out other Breezaire WKCE Cabinet Series Through-the-Wall Cooling Units now! You can also browse our other Cabinet Wine Cellar Coolers.

Bottle Probe (OPTIONAL)

Breezaire Wine Cellar Cooling Units Bottle Probe

The Breezaire Bottle Probe can be used on all models. The bottle probe is used when you want to control the temperature of the wine cellar according to the liquid in the bottles. When the bottle probe is plugged into the unit it will take place of the internal air sensor.

How to use the Bottle Probe:

Allow the enclosure to stabilize at the desired temperature for several days (72hours). Using a normal size wine bottle clean the bottle and then fill it with water insert the bottle probe into the bottle, and place it in the enclosure. Do not connect the bottle probe to the unit until the bottle has sufficient time to cool to the enclosure temperature (72 hours). Connect the bottle probe to the outlet located on the face of the unit. The on and off operation of the unit is now controlled by the temperature of the liquid in the bottle. The temperature displayed is that of the liquid in the bottle. Unplugging the bottle probe will return the unit to the internal air sensor and will be reading the wine cellar temperature. The bottle probe cord is 5’ long.

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Limited Warranty for all BREEZAIRE self contained units (USA only)

BREEZAIRE Products Company warrants this product to be free from defects in material and workmanship and agrees to repair or replace any part of the enclosed unit which proves defective under these terms and conditions.
Alteration, repair or attempted repair of the unit by anyone other than BREEZAIRE will void this warranty.

Who is protected:
This warranty may be enforced only by the original retail customer and is not transferable.

Length of Warranty
All parts used in this unit are warranted for Five years (60 months) from the original retail purchase. Factory labor is provided at no cost for one year (12 months) from the original retail purchase.

What is not covered:
1. Any unit on which the serial number cannot be verified.
2. Damage, deterioration or malfunction resulting from, but not limited to:
a. Any shipment of the unit (claims for shipping damage must be presented to the shipper).
b. Installation or removal of the unit.
c. Installation in an enclosure of inadequate design that does not follow the minimum guide lines of the installation instructions.
d. Inadequate ventilation for supplying and exhausting condenser air that does not follow the minimum guide lines of the installation instructions.
e. Accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, fire, water, lightning or other acts of nature, improper storage, unauthorized modification, electrical power surges or failure to follow instructions supplied with the unit.
f. Exposure to corrosive environments such as, but not limited to, marine air, caustic pool chemicals, cleaning solvents, gasoline and petroleum products.
g. Burial or coverage by, but not limited to, dirt, snow, mud, storage shelves, fabric products or vegetation.
h. Any cause which does not relate to product defect.
What BREEZAIRE will pay for:
1. During the first 12 months BREEZAIRE will pay for labor and material to repair the unit at our factory. Additionally, BREEZAIRE must issue a CALL TAG for any returned shipping of cooling units.
2. During the 13th to 60th months BREEZAIRE will pay for the material to repair the unit at our factory.

What BREEZAIRE will NOT pay for:
1. Installation or removal of the unit.
2. Handling or packaging of the unit.
3. Repairs performed by anyone other than BREEZAIRE.
4. Any other damages, whether incidental, consequential or otherwise.

How to obtain warranty service:
BREEZAIRE may require you to provide the original bill of sale or receipt as proof of purchase in order to obtain warranty service. Please retain any such proof of purchase.
If a problem is suspected with a BREEZAIRE cooling unit, please contact your dealer. Do not return a unit without authorization from BREEZAIRE.
Should it be necessary to return your unit for warranty service, it must be packaged in the original packaging or similar packaging providing an equal degree of protection. Any freight charges must be prepaid, BREEZAIRE will not accept collect shipments.


While great effort has been made to provide accurate guidelines, BREEZAIRE cannot warrant its units to properly cool a particular enclosure. Customers are cautioned that enclosure construction, unit location and many other factors can affect the operation and performance of the unit. Therefore the suitability of the unit for a specific enclosure or application must be determined by the customer and cannot be warranted by BREEZAIRE.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Wife 2200

Sorry it’s LOUD


I still haven't installed it yet because it arrived sooner than we expected and our wine closet is not yet finished. But we already tried it out and its working.


It is not as loud as the previous unit we had


My 3rd unit in 20+ yrs. Works great!


Not as quiet as I hoped but I had noiser ones before. The product is the same as advertised which is a surprise. Very easy to install and use as well

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Wife 2200

Sorry it’s LOUD


I still haven't installed it yet because it arrived sooner than we expected and our wine closet is not yet finished. But we already tried it out and its working.


It is not as loud as the previous unit we had


My 3rd unit in 20+ yrs. Works great!


Not as quiet as I hoped but I had noiser ones before. The product is the same as advertised which is a surprise. Very easy to install and use as well