Switch your standard thermostat to a smart one with WhisperKOOL's 24-Volt Thermostat Conversion Kit!

It's much more convenient to control and monitor your wine cellar from afar, saving you from having to manually set the temperature. Don't miss this upgrade!

Upgrade your WhisperKOOL Wine Cooling Units with the 24V Thermostat Conversion Kit!

The WhisperKOOL 24-Volt Thermostat Conversion Kit lets you use the latest in smart thermostat technology (including but not limited to Nest, Ecobee, or Honeywell) to control your wine cellar's environment.

This WhisperKOOL thermostat conversion kit, which was previously exclusively offered as an add-on at the time of purchase, is now available as an aftermarket option to add to your existing WhisperKOOL wine cellar coolers.

Simply choose a smart 24-volt thermostat of your preference, order our in-field conversion kit, and replace the current standard thermostat on your WhisperKOOL wine cellar cooling systems.

WhisperKOOL 24V Thermostat Conversion Kit | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer

Compatible with WhisperKOOL Wine Cooling Systems

 WhisperKOOL Cooling Units

Bought After

WhisperKOOL Phantom any date
WhisperKOOL Ceiling Mount 7/2017
WhisperKOOL Mini Ceiling Mount 8/2017
WhisperKOOL Platinum Split (Ducted) 10/2013
WhisperKOOL Platinum Split (Ductless) 10/2013
WhisperKOOL Extreme tiR (Fully-Ducted) 1/2015
WhisperKOOL Extreme tiR (Self-Contained) 1/2015



  • Easy installation thanks to the plug-and-play design.
  • Connect your thermostat to Wi‑Fi to view cellar conditions and control the temperature from your phone, tablet, or laptop.
  • Set alarm notifications, monitor energy use and run time, and remotely check the temperature of your wine cellar.
  • As with earlier versions of the 24v thermostat conversion kit, you can use industry-leading smart thermostat technology such as Nest, Ecobee, or Honeywell.
  • Currently available for Extreme tiR, Phantom, Mini Ceiling Mount & Ceiling Mount, and Platinum Split wine cooler units.


  • Wine Coolers Empire and WhisperKOOL do not sell smart thermostats. You will have to source and purchase a 24-volt thermostat of your choice.
  • By choosing the 24-volt thermostat conversion kit, you agree that the cooling system will not be built with the WhisperKOOL bottle probe or standard controller. 
  • The WhisperKOOL Customer Satisfaction Team does not provide technical support for smart thermostats.

IMPORTANT NOTE: WhisperKOOL does not offer smart thermostats. You will have to source and purchase your own conventional 24-volt thermostats or “smart” 24-volt thermostats.

The 24-volt thermostat conversion kit uses an air temperature sensor. By choosing the 24V Thermostat Conversion Kit, you have acknowledged that the system will not be built with the standard WhisperKOOL control or WhisperKOOL bottle probe.

In conclusion, we at Wine Coolers Empire and the manufacturer WhisperKOOL prefer the standard controls or bottle probes over air temperature sensors. WhisperKOOL bottle probes boost the efficiency and longevity of the cooling system while giving a more accurate reading into the actual temperature of the wine.

24-Volt Thermostat Conversion Kit - WhisperKOOL | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer


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