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NO SALES TAX & FREE SHIPPING On Most Orders! Call or Text (888) 407-7770 to get the lowest price online! NOW OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK, 9AM-7PM EST
Why WhisperKOOL Cooling Units Are The Best Solution to Your Wine Cellar

Why WhisperKOOL Cooling Units are the Best Solution to Your Wine Cellar

Are you noticing your car needs a slight push in your garage to be able to close its doors with your walls stacked high with boxes of wine? Or is your usual storage space for your vacuum is filled with wines? Maybe, it's time to think of how you should organize and store your wine. But you're probably thinking, "I have a wine cooler, this is enough". Is it? Is it, really?!

You have to keep in mind that you need proper storage to make sure your wine doesn't spoil. If you cannot fit all your collection in your wine cooler anymore, maybe it's time for you to check your options. Yes, you have options: drink all the wine you have, stop buying boxes of wine, rent or buy a wine storehouse, or build your own wine cellar. Choose wisely, my friend.

A wine cellar is an ideal option for storing your favorite wines and accessories. You can use it not only to store and age your wine but also to entertain your guests in. There are various designs and color schemes you can do to personalize your cellars depending on your taste, furniture, location, size, and the number of wine bottles you want to store and age inside.

Creativity is key. But do not forget to take note of your budget. Remember, the more you save in decorating and making your wine cellar, the more money you can spend on buying your favorite wines.

If your home doesn't have that big space or room you can turn into a wine cellar, you can check out wine cabinets. They are smaller and don't need a lot of space or construction. Also, they are quite famous right now because they look amazing and can also be used as a décor in your home. With beautiful exteriors that can catch anyone's gaze, wine cabinets usually have the following features:

  • Lovely Wine Racks
  • See-Through Glass Walls, and 
  • Cooling Units
WhisperKOOL Wine Cabinet Cooling Systems

Design and Look

Some people go for a large wine cellar that can hold thousands of bottles and has its own tasting room. If you have the money and space for that and you have a huge collection, go for it. If not, no need to push yourself and get stressed out. You can have a decent-sized wine cellar or you can also go for a wine cabinet. The choice is yours.

When designing your very own wine cellar, check out the location, size, insulation, vapor and moisture barriers, and the door first. There are various components you have to keep in mind including the right wine cellar cooling unit for your wine cellars. It is the most important part that helps maintain and grow your wine investment.

Make sure the wine cellar unit can maintain even cooling for every cubic foot of your cellar. This means if you build a 2,000 cu. ft. wine cellar, getting a unit designed to cool the exact size or bigger is the ideal one for you. In some cases, this could mean getting two units, but now, there are units that can accommodate bigger and wider spaces, like WhisperKOOL Cooling Systems.

However, if you are converting just a small walk-in closet with less than 200 cu. ft., it is an exaggeration to install a cooling unit made for 2,000 cu. ft.

Don't forget the humidity control as well when you are looking for a wine cooling system. Even cooling and proper humidity controls are the basic foundation of any good wine cellar and for these 2 reasons, we really like WhisperKOOL.

Why WhisperKOOL?

Here are some features why WhisperKOOL Cooling Units are the best solution to your wine cellars.

Steady Temperature

Of all the factors you have to keep in mind for proper wine storage and aging, a steady temperature is at the top position. Too warm or too cold can spoil your wine. 55°F is considered the best temperature for short-term or long-term storage but it varies depending on the wine. The recommended temperature usually ranges from 45°F to 65°F.

With WhisperKOOL wine cellar cooling units, you are 100% guaranteed to reach the ideal and best temperature all the time. Each cooling system is equipped with top-of-the-line speed fans making sure each wine cellar has a steady and even temperature in every cubic foot of it.

Plus, each unit comes with a liquid-temperature-measuring bottle probe to make sure your wine is enjoying the best temperature for their aging.

Quiet & Efficient Operation

Any kind of disturbance to your wine, such as vibration, can be harmful to your collection.

For example, your wine cellar is located beside your laundry room. Every time you operate or turn on equipment such as your washing machine, a vibration will emanate from it to help rotate your clothes inside the machine. This vibration can also be felt in your wine cellar beside your laundry room causing disturbance to your wine bottles and affecting its aging process.

Think about it, if your wine storage cooling unit itself is the one causing the vibrations, you can be sure your wine collection inside your cellar will never age beautifully.

But with WhisperKOOL wine cellar cooling systems, you can be sure each unit performs at its optimum level with less noise compared to other brands and no vibrations perfect for long-term wine storage and aging. Just like their newest cooling system, the Slimline LS.

Top-Notch Humidity Control

You might have overlooked this but the humidity inside your cellar might not be at the top of your checklist but it is very important.

Too low humidity can dry out the top part of the cork causing it to crack, shrink, and let oxygen into the bottle and spoil the wine. On the contrary, too high humidity can lessen the chances of your cork to dry out but you have a higher risk of mold or mildew causing the labels to peel off which can make it hard for you to sell your wine.

In general, the ideal humidity should be between 50% to 80% depending on the climate in your location. This range is very attainable and easy to maintain with every WhiperKOOL wine cellar air conditioner.

Advanced Controller

Every wine room cooling system needs an advanced and easy-to-use controller to help maintain the temperature and humidity and all WhisperKOOL cooling equipment have it.

Offers Different Installation Types

There are 3 main wine cellar cooling units installation types but WhisperKOOL takes that up a notch providing 4 types to choose from.

WhisperKOOL Self-Contained Cooling Units

Known to be the most economical and easiest installation process, these units are also called through-the-wall. The most famous and well-loved self-contained units from WhisperKOOL is the SC PRO Series.

These units are specifically designed to mount between the studs of your existing wall. You are also not require to hire a licensed HVACR technician to install this type of cooling unit. One end of this unit blows air into your wine cellar while the other end absorbs heat from your wine cellar then releases the said heat into an adjacent area from your cellar.

WhisperKOOL Fully-Ducted Self-Contained Cooling Units

Can be positioned up to 25ft ducted from your cellar while the heat exhaust is outside your home, creating a noise-free cellar environment perfect for your wine.

Each WhisperKOOL fully-ducted self-contained cooling unit provides many installation options ideal for a wine cellar located in remote areas in your home and let you fully control where your exhaust air vents will be placed. This installation type is usually a go-to for wine collectors who don't want to see the unit in their wine cellars.

WhisperKOOL Ducted Split Cooling Units

This type gives more flexibility and installation options. Its cool air flowing to the cellar while the heat exhaust is ducted to the outside of your home. 

The evaporator unit and condensing unit have been “split” into 2 separate units instead of being contained within the same housing. The evaporator unit is located in or near your cellar while the condensing unit is generally located outside, in an attic, or utility room.

Important reminder, a licensed HVACR is required for the installation. 

WhisperKOOL Ductless Split Cooling Units

This installation type is the most efficient of all.

The condensers are usually noisy and need a lot of space for ventilation. Which is in most cases, wine cellars are not built to accommodate those. With that into consideration, WhisperKOOL split these condensers which lets you place the condenser in a space better suited for noise dissipation and heat management while your evaporator is inside your wine cellar or near it.

Important reminder, a licensed HVACR is required for the installation.

Price & Quality

Keep in mind your budget. Many people forget about this. It is not wrong to splurge considering you are going to store and age your precious wine collection in your wine cellar. But make sure you are paying for the best quality for your price range.

With WhisperKOOL, you can be sure every wine cellar cooling system is made from high-quality materials designed by professionals based on customers, technicians, and contractors' reviews and feedbacks combined with the most innovative technology available.

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