The Secret to Madison Wine Company's Success: WhisperKOOL Cooling Units


In the world of wine, maintaining a consistent temperature is essential to preserve the unique character and flavor of each bottle. Madison Wine Co. has stood out as a reliable and trusted company. However, like any business, they faced early struggles.

Their commitment to delivering high-quality wines to their customers led them to invest in WhisperKOOL Wine Cellar Cooling Units. This decision proved to be a game-changer for the company, allowing them to build a reputation as a reliable wine merchant. Join us as we explore the role of WhisperKOOL in Madison Wine Company's success story.

Madison Wine Co., owned by Mark Ellis, is a company that operates as brokers, merchants, negotiators, promoters, and pioneers to small, artisan winemakers in Napa Valley, Sonoma, and the Northwest Oregon and Washington wine-growing regions. They offer a streamlined service that connects producers directly to customers, including their private referral-based client list, known as the "Madison Group," as well as restaurants, cafes, specialty markets, and wine shops.

In addition to its business model, Madison Wine Co. is also passionate about reviewing wines. They have a home kitchen where they test wines, open samples that are ready to drink and evaluate them with great care and enthusiasm. This passion for wine is reflected in the quality of service they provide to their customers.

The Challenges and The Need for Proper Wine Storage

The Challenges and The Need for Proper Wine Storage | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer

Since one of their primary responsibilities is to sample and evaluate wines, proper temperature control is essential to maintain the quality of wines. Without proper wine storage conditions, the quality and taste of the wine at Madison Wine Co. would be at risk.

Fluctuations in temperature, light, and humidity could spoil the wine or alter its flavor. The reputation of Madison Wine Co. as a reliable wine merchant could be compromised, potentially leading to a decline in sales and profitability.

Proper wine storage is essential for preserving the unique character and flavor of wine, which is a delicate product that requires careful handling and attention to detail.

The Goal: Invest in a Top-Quality Wine Cooling System

The Goal: Invest in a Top-Quality Wine Cooling System | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer

For Madison Wine Company, a top-quality wine cellar cooling unit is essential to maintain the high standards of their business. As a trusted wine merchant, they need to ensure that the wines they review and sell to their private referral-based client list, “Madison Group,” and to restaurants, café bistros, specialty markets, and wine shops remain at their best.

By investing in WhisperKOOL wine cellar coolers, they can provide their customers with a consistent and reliable wine experience that sets them apart from their competitors. And to continue sharing their passion for wine with others.

The Solution: Implementation of WhisperKOOL Wine Cooling Systems

Realizing the importance of proper wine storage, Madison Wine Company made the decision to invest in WhisperKOOL Wine Cellar Cooling Systems.

WhisperKOOL Wine Cooling Units are designed to be efficient, easy to use, and customizable, allowing Madison Wine Co. to meet the unique needs of its business.

WhisperKOOL is a company that really believes in its products. They work with designers and wine industry experts from all over the world for over 30 years to create the best wine cellar cooling units out there. No matter how big or small your wine cellar is, WhisperKOOL has a unit that will fit perfectly and keep your wine in optimal condition.

Features of WhisperKOOL Systems | Made in the USA

WhisperKOOL wine storage units all share a set of features that make them reliable and easy to use, such as:

Liquid Sensing Bottle Probe

WhisperKOOL wine room coolers have a liquid sensing bottle probe that ensures the temperature of the wine is accurately measured and maintained.

Unlike measuring the ambient cellar air, the WhisperKOOL Bottle Probe provides a more precise reading of the wine's temperature as it directly measures the temperature of the liquid itself. This allows for a more accurate reflection of the wine's temperature, ensuring it is maintained at the optimal level for long-term storage.

Advanced Digital Controller

WhisperKOOL's Advanced Digital Controller provides users with the ability to easily monitor and interact with their wine cooling system. With various options and settings available, this WhisperKOOL Controller ensures that the wine cellar environment is maintained at the perfect temperature. Additionally, it has built-in alerts to notify users when certain parameters aren't met. 

Dura-Max Coil Design

The Dura-Max Coil Design is a unique feature of WhisperKOOL cooling systems that improves system performance.

Robust Fan System

Robust Fan System - WhisperKOOL | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer

WhisperKOOL wine cellar refrigeration systems are equipped with a Robust Fan System that operates silently and ensures even distribution of conditioned air throughout the wine room.

UV-C Light Technology - Air Sanitization System

The addition of a UV-C light bulb to certain WhisperKOOL cooling units can enhance indoor air quality and optimize the system's performance. UV-C light is effective in reducing the growth of common microorganisms like fungus, mold, mildew, and bacteria that tend to thrive in cooling units. By targeting and eliminating these microorganisms, the UV-C Light System upgrade can help maintain a cleaner and healthier environment inside your wine cellar.

Available for Slimline LS, Phantom, SC PRO, Platinum Split Ducted, and Platinum Split Ductless.

Durable Matte Black Housing

Durable Matte Black Housing - WhisperKOOL | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer

WhisperKOOL's black matte finish has a sleek, modern appearance that can complement any wine cellar design. The durable matte black housing is not only stylish but also built to withstand the rigors of long-term wine storage.

Ducting Options

Ducting Options - WhisperKOOL | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer

Partial and fully-ducted options are available with WhisperKOOL cooling units, giving you more flexibility in your installations. Depending on the model, customers have the choice of either option, allowing them to choose the best fit for their wine cellar needs.

The Results: Excellent Wine Cellar Environment 🌟

The Results: Excellent Wine Cellar Environment | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer

With the installation of these cooling units, Madison Wine Co. was able to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity levels for their wine cellar, resulting in wines that retained their quality and taste for longer periods. The reliability and effectiveness of WhisperKOOL units allowed Madison Wine Co. to build a reputation as a trusted wine merchant, which helped them attract more customers and increase sales. 

With the help of WhisperKOOL cooling systems, Madison Wine Co. continues to provide and promote the highest quality wines to their clients and to restaurants, wine shops, and specialty markets.

Want to improve the quality of your wine and take your business to the next level? Don't wait any longer, invest in a WhisperKOOL Wine Cooling System just like Madison Wine Co. did and see the difference for yourself!


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Advanced and modern wine cellar cooling units, like WhisperKOOL Systems, play a crucial role in ensuring consistent temperature and preserving the wine's character and flavor, making it enjoyable for years to come. Take advantage of our limited-time offer! Shop now and enjoy exclusive discounts today.

WhisperKOOL Through-the-Wall Wine Cellar Cooling Units (Self-Contained)

WhisperKOOL Through-the-Wall Wine Cellar Cooling Units (Self-Contained) - WhisperKOOL | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer

Through-the-wall wine cellar cooling units (self-contained) are affordable and easy to install without the need for an HVACR technician. Designed to be mounted between the studs of an existing wall.


  • WhisperKOOL SC PRO - The WhisperKOOL SC PRO Series is a through-the-wall wine cooling system with a redesigned blower fan system for improved performance and reduced noise.

  • WhisperKOOL Slimline - The WhisperKOOL Slimline LS is a compact wine cellar cooling unit that can cool at two different capacities with a simple switch. 

  • WhisperKOOL Extreme ti - The WhisperKOOL Extreme ti features variable-speed fans to maintain optimal cellar conditions, and is designed for a straightforward through-the-wall installation.
  • WhisperKOOL Extreme tiR - The WhisperKOOL Extreme tiR wine cellar refrigeration systems offer efficient performance and consistent operation, even in extreme conditions. Extreme tiR series is an improved version that comes with the KDT Plus remote controller and thermostat.

WhisperKOOL Fully Ducted Wine Cooler Units (Self-Contained)

WhisperKOOL Fully Ducted Wine Cooler Units (Self-Contained) - WhisperKOOL | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer

WhisperKOOL fully ducted systems give you noise-free operation and flexible installation options, with the ability to position the unit up to 25ft away from the wine cellar.


  • WhisperKOOL Extreme tiR - The WhisperKOOL Extreme tiR wine cooler units provide powerful and efficient operation, high reliability, and longevity, and can maintain the best cellar conditions even in hotter climates.
  • WhisperKOOL Phantom - The WhisperKOOL Phantom series are modern wine room cooling units that are sleek and modern with flexible installation options and proven performance, making it a great choice for wine cellars.

WhisperKOOL Fully Ducted Split Systems

WhisperKOOL Ducted Split Wine Cellar Cooling Units - WhisperKOOL | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer

WhisperKOOL split systems typically have a noisy condenser and require ample space for ventilation. However, this type of cooling unit provides more flexibility and installation options with the use of a WhisperKOOL ducting kit to exhaust heat.


  • WhisperKOOL Quantum - WhisperKOOL Quantum wine cooler units are suitable for challenging and large wine cellars and offer various ducting options for easy installation and accessibility.
  • WhisperKOOL Platinum Ducted Split - WhisperKOOL Platinum Ducted Split systems are fully ducted and create a virtually silent environment for your cellar while providing maximum installation options.

WhisperKOOL Ductless Split Systems

WhisperKOOL Ductless Split Systems - WhisperKOOL | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer

WhisperKOOL split ductless wine cellar cooling units are ideal for those seeking efficient installations since the condenser and evaporator are separate but connected by a refrigerant line, eliminating the need for ductwork.


  • WhisperKOOL Platinum Split - The WhisperKOOL Platinum split series is designed for a more attractive installation and features a mini wine cellar cooling unit, making it perfect for small home wine cellars, wine cellar cabinet cooling, and modern wine closets.
  • WhisperKOOL Ceiling Mount Split Systems - WhisperKOOL Ceiling Mount Split Systems are designed to be discreet, so you can feel the KOOL without having to see it. This allows your wine collection to be the main focus of attention rather than the cooling system.

Frequently Asked Questions 

 FAQ - Wine Cellar Cooling Systems | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer

What temperature should wine cellar be?

The ideal temperature range for storing wine is between 55°F to 57°F (12°C to 14°C), and it's recommended to maintain an average relative humidity of 60%. When choosing a cooling system for wine cellars, it's best to take into account various temperature-related factors. Quality should be the number one priority when purchasing a wine cooling system.

Do I need a cooling unit for my wine cellar?

To maintain ideal aging conditions for wine, proper insulation and ventilation are crucial in wine cellars. This will also require you to install a wine cellar cooling unit that can handle temperatures up to 55°F cooler than the exhaust side of the unit to regulate the temperature effectively.

What is a self contained cooling unit?

A self-contained wine cooling unit is a type of cooling system that contains both the compressor and evaporator within the same housing. They can be installed through-the-wall or ducted up to 25 ft. from the wine cellar, depending on the space available and personal preferences.

How to build a wine cellar at home?

To build a wine cellar, you need to start by choosing a good location, preferably a cool and dark spot in the house with minimal vibration and humidity. Next, determine the size and layout of the wine cellar, followed by choosing the appropriate cooling system and insulation materials. For more info, check this step-by-step guide.

How long do wine cellar cooling units last?

The lifespan of wine cooling systems can vary depending on the price range, with cheaper models lasting between 1 to 5 years, while high-end units such as WhisperKOOL can last up to 20 years or more. However, you can extend the longevity of your cooling system with proper preparation, installation, and maintenance of your wine cellar.

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