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Does temperature play a role in wine storage? You bet! And your best bet is to pay attention to two key details: the wine cellar temperature and the ideal temperature your wine needs. If you’re trying to store the wine for a long time, you must know what temperature is optimal for wine storage.

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Ideal temperature for storing wine is between 55°F and 57°F (13°C and 14°C), with an average of 60% approximate humidity. 

  • Quality should be the top priority when choosing a wine cooling system.

In order to keep your wine's finest flavor, be sure you're getting the most out of it. We've done the research for you and created this helpful guide that has all the information you need on the best wine cellar temperature.

We'll go over all there is to know about the ideal wine storage temperature, how these temperatures might vary based on the type of wine you have, and why temperature is so important in this guide.

We've also included a FAQ section to answer any queries you might have regarding your wine storage along with a handy temperature chart to keep things in order and some advice on how to store wine properly, including wine cellar temperature control, vibrations, wine cellar cooling, and wine storage humidity, and more. So let's get started!

How Temperature Affects Wine

A bottle of wine suffers as the temperature changes. If the temperature continuously rises or falls by several degrees, your wines will deteriorate and possibly age prematurely. Contraction and expansion are the reason for these changes in quality. The pressure within a bottle increases as the temperature rises because the wine inside expands more than the glass does. The pressure will cause the aroma of the wine to slowly leak through the cork. On the other hand, when the bottle is cooled again, the reverse happens, drawing air back in through the cork. As a result, the pleasant aroma of wine is replaced with damaging air. Regular occurrence of this results in a detectable deterioration.

How Extreme Cold Affects Wine

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Exposure to extreme cold between 15-20°F causes the wine to expand, putting pressure on the cork and the bottle. This could result in the cork popping or the bottle cracking, both of which would lead to oxidation.

To prevent this from happening, when buying a wine cellar cooling unit, you need to make sure that the condenser can beat the extreme temperature. Our group of wine experts recommended the 220V Condenser because it can operate in extreme climates.

In case you use 110V, make sure you have an exterior grill and condenser coil coating to protect your unit from the extreme weather.

Why is Cellar Temperature Important?

Maintaining the ideal temperature in your wine cellar will help preserve the wine's quality overall while also extending its freshness and preventing it from being excessively warm or cold.

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The easiest way to avoid these issues is to store your wine properly, by:

  • Installing Wine Room Cooling Units.
  • Keeping it at the right and consistent temperature.
  • Keeping it at the right wine cellar humidity level.
  • Getting proper insulation and ventilation.
  • Storing it in a good wine cellar location.
  • Using the appropriate Wine Racks.
  • Avoiding vibrations.
  • Keeping it away from sunlight and other harsh lights.

Everything you need to know about proper wine storage can be found in this blog: How To Build A Wine Cellar: Guide To Wine Storage

Tip: Keeping your wine at a consistent temperature will guarantee that it retains its best quality because even slight temperature changes may have an effect later.

Can you Store Different Types of Wine at the Same Temperature?

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Here is a basic guideline that can help you determine the ideal wine room temperature for your wine.

To keep things easier, we made this Wine Cellar Temperature Guide with the best storage temperatures for each variety of wine, along with a few samples.

 Type of Wine Storage Temperature (°F)  Storage Temperature (°C)
Red Wine 55-65 12-19
Full-bodied Reds (Cabernet Sauvignon, Bordeaux, Port, Malbec, Burgundy, Syrah or Shiraz, etc.) 60-65 16-19
Light and Medium Reds (Pinot Noir, Merlot, Sherry, Lambrusco, etc.) 55-60 12-16
Rosé Wine (Pinot Nero, Grenache, White Zinfandel, Syrah Rosé, etc.) 50-55 10-12
White Wine 45-55 7-12
Dry Whites (Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, etc.) 50-55 10-12
Sweet Whites (Moscato, Pinot Grigio, Sauternes, etc.) 45-50 7-10
Sparkling Wine (Champagne, Muscat Blanc, Riesling, Prosecco, etc.) 40-45 5-7


Other FAQ on Wine Cellar Temperature

Q: What happens when wine is stored at room temperature?

“Can you store wine at room temperature?” That's one of the most frequently asked questions about wine storage by new wine collectors. The answer is NO.

Room temperature is not the warm, cozy temperature of centrally heated homes, but rather the temperature of a subterranean or underground wine cellar. 55°F (13°C) is the ideal wine cellar temperature. Is the temperature in your home 55°F (13°C)? If not, you’re probably thinking, “Oh no! I already stored some wines there. How long can you store wine at room temperature?”. You haven't completely ruined your wine yet, so there’s no need to worry! As long as proper wine storage conditions are met and it isn’t near your heater or in direct sunlight, wine can be kept at room temperature for around 6 months without suffering any significant damage.

    Q: Can a wine cellar be too cold?

    Wine's biggest enemy is heat, but it can also suffer from being excessively chilled. We do not recommend storing wines in a standard refrigerator.

    Wine is susceptible to "slow aging," which indicates it doesn't mature or develop over time. The formation of tartaric acid crystals in the wine might result from storing below the recommended wine storage temperature.

    Additionally, the absence of moisture may eventually cause corks to dry out, which could cause air to leak into wine bottles and harm the wine. The liquid can also expand to the point of forcing the cork out if it begins to freeze.

    We suggest keeping wine away from potential freezing areas when storing it.

    Q: How to maintain consistent wine cellar temperature?

    Proper insulation is the key to maintaining consistent wine cellar temperature. Keeping the cellar water and air tight will keep the wine cellar temperature consistent and protect the bottles from damage. Learn more in this Step-by-Step Guide.

    For the longer term, invest in high-quality and reliable Wine Cellar Cooling Units.

    Q: How to choose a wine cellar cooling unit?

    Need help in choosing a cooling system for wine cellar? You may reach out to our excellent customer care at +1-888-407-7770. You can also contact us by live chat or email at support@winecoolersempire.com for your wine refrigeration needs.

    The Final Word

    The way wine is stored affects how it will taste when it is served. You may have no control over the wine's production process, but it is your duty to take care of the bottles in a way that will preserve their flavor and value after they have been bought.

    Temperature has an impact on how long your wine will last, just like all the other factors of wine storage. For you to enjoy wine to the fullest, different varieties have ideal serving temperatures. Additionally, you must always store your wine bottles in a wine cooler while they aren't being consumed or before serving to preserve them more effectively. 

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