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Best and Ideal Temperature for Serving Wine

Ideal Temperature for Serving Wine

The key to ensuring your favorite wine taste as it should be is its serving temperature. Hence, making it important to have wine coolers if you like to collect and store wines. It is needed to ensure it displays a balance of aroma, flavor, structure, and alcohol content. The higher the ambient temperature, the faster the flavor compounds and alcohol will evaporate. So to keep the bouquet of the wine at its peak, you need to serve your chosen wine at its best and ideal temperature.

Best and Ideal Temperature for Serving Wine

Just like Champagnes, there are various types of wines with different properties, acidity, and alcohol content. Serving Champagne depends on its age and in wines, it depends on its type. 

For Light Dry White Wines, Rosés, and Sparkling Wines

Freshness and fruitiness are the hallmarks of light dry white wines. Naturally, the temperature of white wines depends on the age and body of the wine. And for light dry white wines, rosés, and sparkling wines, the ideal serving temperature is 40°F to 50° F (4°C to 10°C). Chilling these types of wine are best chilled to preserve the balance of its tastes without killing their aroma. This temperature range is also great for white dessert wines to accentuate its sweetness.

For Full-Bodied White Wines and Light Fruity Red Wines

When served at 50°F to 60°F (10°C to 15°C), full-bodied white wines and light fruity red wines boosts their complexity, aroma, and, in case of the light fruity red wines, more refreshing and fruity.

The best way to enjoy these types of wine is to store them directly to your fridge after you buy them. But if you want to drink them the same day you bought them, you can put them in your fridge for a few hours or to your freezer for about 30 minutes. 

For Full-Bodied Red Wines and Ports

Full-bodied red wines and ports should be served cool at 60°F to 70° F (15°C to 21°C). It is a common misconception that red wines should be served at room temperature, but it is ideal to serve is cool to enhance and emphasize its bitter components. 

To cool your favorite Cabernet or Syrah to its ideal temperature, you can store it in a proper wine fridge for about an hour or in a freezer for 15 minutes.

High or low temperatures both have a negative effect on serving your favorite wine. Serving wine too warm can ruin the aroma and take your palate over. While serving your wine too cold will make your wine's flavor inhibited and closed. Keep in mind the ideal serving temperature for your favorite bottles so you can enjoy your next glass. 

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