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Wondering what gifts to get your friends or families this holiday season? Looking for the best wine cellar cooling units? If yes, then this article will help you out.

Having the best wine cellar cooling system as a gift is an excellent idea to give to your favorite wine collector. You should give the best gift that you can afford, but always remember to look for good quality and value for your money as well.

In this blog, we're going to talk about the best wine cooling system brands, the different types of wine cellar cooling systems, their benefits, and finally feature our top recommendations!

Best Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Brands

There are several brands on the market offering different types of wine room cooling units, but which one will give you the best deal? To help make this decision easier, we have reviewed some of the best brands who makes the best wine cellar cooling units.


For over 30 years, WhisperKOOL – located in Stockton, California, has been manufacturing innovative and modern wine room cooling units that are designed to be the most efficient and quietest wine cellar cooling units available.

Our WhisperKOOL Wine Cellar Cooling Units are proudly made in the USA and are designed to handle unique and challenging situations that can arise when building the best wine cellars. WhisperKOOL systems can be installed in custom wine cellars or wine cellar cabinets for residential or commercial use.

Wine Coolers Empire is one of the leading and most trusted dealers of both commercial and residential wine cellar coolers in the industry, we take pride in offering a line of WhisperKOOL cooling units that will help your wine collection last for years to come.


Featured: Breezaire WKL Wine Cellar Cooling Units

Breezaire Products Company has been manufacturing cooling systems since 1985 in San Diego, California to provide the best conditions for storing and aging fine wines. All Breezaire wine cooler units are made in the USA.

Breezaire cooling units are designed for wine cellars that are sensitive to temperature and humidity changes and require a carefully controlled environment. These aren't for standard wine cellar refrigeration applications.

One of the top Breezaire authorized dealers, Wine Coolers Empire, can help you choose the right wine cooler cellar units for your unique needs and create the perfect storage environment.


CellarCool has been providing innovative commercial-quality wine cooling units for HVAC/R technicians, contractors, businesses, and homeowners for traditional and modern wine cellars, restaurants, and wineries for more than 20 years.

CellarCool wine cellar cooling systems are designed, engineered, and manufactured in California by WhisperKOOL. These compact wine cellar cooling units can be installed anywhere you want to solve the cooling requirements for a climate-controlled environment.

You can count on CellarCool for custom design solutions for all your cellar cooling needs. We at Wine Coolers Empire are here to help you choose the best wine cellar cooling unit for you!

Wine Cellar | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer

Our top holiday gift recommendations for the best wine cellar cooling units are suitable for all types of installation, whether you're looking for a cost-effective and compact option, or something quiet and easy to install.

Best Cabinet Cooling Systems

Cabinet Wine Cooling System | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer

Wine Cabinet Cooling Systems are usually small wine cellar cooling units that are designed specifically for wine cabinets, modern wine closets, or small home wine cellars that have 100-250 cubic feet of space. There's been a boom in wine cabinets with coolers since they're so easy to get. 

You can simply built-in wine cabinet coolers since most of them are designed to be installed through the wall. With proper care, insulation, and maintenance, this type of wine room cooler can last for more than 5 years. 

These portable wine cooler units are perfect for those who just started collecting wine or have a small collection!

Breezaire WKCE 2200 Compact Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Click here to see the price of Breezaire WKCE 2200

Breezaire WKCE 2200 can cool wine rooms up to 256 cubic feet. Thanks to the Sentry III+ digital electronic control system, it's perfect for closet wine cellars where humidity and temperature change very fast.

The WKCE 2200 Breezaire Wine Cooling Unit blows cool air out the bottom and meticulously controls the environment. You can also upgrade this wine cabinet cooling system to have the hot air come out the top and the electrical cord come out the bottom if you want.

Breezaire WKCE 1060 Compact Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Click here to see the price of Breezaire WKCE 1060

Breezaire WKCE 1060 wine cabinet cooling unit is our smallest wine fridge system. It has all the same features as the WKCE 2200 but has a smaller cooling capacity (up to 140 cubic feet.)

The unit blows hot air out the rear and the power cord is on the front. But if you want to upgrade, you can request for hot air to come out of the top and the power cord located at the bottom.

Check all Cabinet Cooling Systems

Are you a contractor, designer, or technician? Contact us or call our Sales Experts at +1-888-407-7770 to get a special discount!


Best Ducted Self-contained Wine Cellar Cooling Units


Self-contained Ducted Wine Cellar Cooling Units | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer

Self-contained Ducted Wine Cooling Systems are a great way to keep wine cool and the wine cellar quiet as possible. They're perfect for large wine rooms and wine cellar basements up to 2,000 cubic feet. 

Both the condenser and the evaporator are housed in fully-ducted wine cellar cooling units (self-contained). They give flexibility in installation and can be placed up to 25 ducted feet from the cellar, with the cool air coming in the cellar and the hot air ducted to the outside.

NOTE: An HVAC-R technician is required to install Self-Contained Ducted Wine Cooling Systems.

These cooling systems can operate for more than 5 years and if taken care of properly and maintained regularly, they can last for up to 10 or 15 years.

If you don't want the unit to be visible and want to make the cellar as quiet as possible, Fully-Ducted - Self-Contained Wine Cellar Cooling Units are the way to go! These are some of our recommendations.

WhisperKOOL Phantom 3500 Fully Ducted Self-Contained System


Click here to see the price of WhisperKOOL Phantom 3500

WhisperKOOL Phantom 3500 gives flexible installation options and powerful blowers that can be reoriented to the right, left, or top of the unit. When properly insulated and enclosed with a vapor barrier, it can hold wine cellars up to 800 cubic feet.

Additionally, you have the choice to upgrade the Phantom 3500 with UV Lighting Technology. It mainly consists of a UV-C light bulb in the unit to improve the cellar's overall air quality and extend the life of the cooling system.

A 24V thermostat conversion kit can also be added as an option. By doing this, you may convert existing WhisperKOOL wine cooling units with a standard controller or a WhisperKOOL bottle probe into a system run by the 24-volt thermostat of your choice.

WhisperKOOL Extreme 3500tiR Ducted Cooling Unit

WhisperKOOL Reviews: WhisperKOOL Extreme Systems

Let's hear what Scott Marcus has to say about the WhisperKOOL Extreme series as part of his extensive wine cellar project.

Click here to see the price of WhisperKOOL Extreme 3500tiR

The WhisperKOOL Extreme 3500 tiR is a powerful wine storage cooler that continues to work reliably even on hot summer days! One of the quietest wine cellar cooling units, complete with variable-speed fans and the most advanced and robust technology.

This is an excellent cooling unit for rooms up to 800 cubic feet, especially if you live in a more humid region. It even has a remote, so you can monitor your precious wines while you're away!

NOTE: If you plan to install the WhisperKOOL Extreme tiR in an attic and use ducting, please contact us or call our sales team for pricing. A ducting kit may not be required for the condenser side of the system.

Check all Self-contained Ducted Wine Cooling Systems

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Best Ducted Split Wine Cooling Units

Ducted Split Wine Cooling Units | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer

Ducted Split Wine Cellar Cooling Systems are perfect if you want to keep your wine cellar quiet and vibration-free. These systems can handle big cellars that are 1,000–4,000 cubic feet in size.

The evaporator and condenser are separated in a ducted split system. The evaporator is ducted close to the wine cellar, while the condenser is placed in an area that is better suited for heat and noise dissipation. This type of cooling system has the quietest wine cellar cooling units.

NOTE: An HVAC-R technician is required to install Ducted Split Wine Cellar Cooling Systems.

The lifespan of these cooling systems can last a decade. But with proper installation and maintenance, they can survive for several decades or longer.

Check out our bestsellers!

WhisperKOOL Platinum Split 4000 Ducted Cooling System

WhisperKOOL Reviews: WhisperKOOL Platinum Split Systems

Building a wine cellar that is quiet is something that Ray and Kim want, so to protect their wine investments, they chose the best and had a WhisperKOOL split system. Listen to what they have to say about it.

Click here to see the price of WhisperKOOL Platinum Split 4000 - 110V

WhisperKOOL Platinum Split 4000 gives you flexible installation options. This is the best wine cooling system if you have a large wine cellar of up to 1,000 cubic feet and want to keep it noise-free and vibration-free.

The condenser can be placed 100 feet away from the evaporator in WhisperKOOL Platinum 4000 ducted split systems or any other WhisperKOOL split systems. The evaporator unit can either be installed inside the wine cellar or placed nearby via ducting.

Click here to see the price of WhisperKOOL Platinum Split 4000 - 220V

The WhisperKOOL Split System 4000 is also available in 220V High Efficiency Condenser, an enhanced and more efficient condenser that can under extreme conditions. If you opt to use the 110V condenser, make sure to protect your unit from the weather by adding the WhisperKOOL exterior grille and condenser coil coating.

Additionally, you can upgrade the unit to a 24V thermostat controller so you can easily control and monitor your wine cellar and add a UV-C lighting system to protect the unit and overall air quality.

    WhisperKOOL Quantum SS12000 Ducted Split System

    Click here to see the price of WhisperKOOL Quantum SS12000 - 110V

    WhisperKOOL Quantum SS12000 cooling system is the highest-capacity unit that we offer. Designed to handle challenging and larger wine cellars up to 4,000 cubic feet. This split system has a variety of ducting options that make installation easy, flexible, and accessible.

    With the WhisperKOOL Quantum 12000 cooling unit, you can create a virtually silent environment for your wine cellar because the air handler can be ducted up to 25 feet. They operate in ambient conditions and cold weather climates where temperatures get as low as 15°F.

    Click here to see the price of WhisperKOOL Quantum SS12000 - 220V

    Another version of the WhisperKOOL Quantum SS12000 is available with a 220V Condenser, an improved condenser that can operate in challenging circumstances.

    If you decide to use the 110V condenser, be sure to add an exterior enclosure and condenser coil coating to your unit to protect it from the elements. The unit can also be upgraded to a 24-volt thermostat controller so you can easily manage and monitor your wine cellar.

      Check all Ducted Split Wine Cooling Systems

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      Best Ductless Split Wine Cooling Units

      Ductless Split Wine Cooling Units | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer

      Ductless Split Wine Cooling Systems “split” the cooling system in two, placing the evaporator inside the wine room and the condenser nearby. The wine cellar runs silently and vibration-free when the condenser is placed in a distant place.

      Great for all cellar sizes (265 cu.ft. - 2,000 cu.ft. and above) and not only does it makes your wine room as quiet as possible, but also offers you the flexibility of creating the perfect installation or handling any site challenges.

      NOTE: An HVAC-R technician is required to install Split Ductless Wine Cellar Cooling Units.

      These split ductless wine cellar cooling units have an average lifespan of 10 years. However, they can last for several decades or more with proper installation, care, and regular maintenance.

      Here are our top picks!

      WhisperKOOL Mini Ceiling Mount Ductless Split System

      WhisperKOOL Reviews: WhisperKOOL Ceiling Mount

      Listen to Audie Burgan's testimonials about his new WhisperKOOL Ceiling Mount cooling system for his wine cellar project.

      Click here to see the price of WhisperKOOL Ceiling Mount Minisplit 110V

      WhisperKOOL Mini Ceiling Mount Split System is the perfect option if you don't want your cooling system to be seen inside the cellar. Plus, more room to display your wine racks. It can efficiently cool cellars up to 500 cubic feet in size.

      This WhisperKOOL ceiling mount mini split system effectively removes warm air that collects at the ceiling, cools it, and distributes it throughout the wine cellar to maintain the proper temperature. It comes with a cold-weather start kit and a pump system to remove excess condensation.

      Click here to see the price of WhisperKOOL Ceiling Mount Minisplit 220V

      This ceiling mounted mini split cooling system is available in standard and 24V thermostat options. You may also choose the 220V condenser version. If not, make sure to add a WhisperKOOL exterior grille and condenser coil coating to protect your unit when installed outdoors.

        Breezaire WKSL 4000 Wine Cellar Fridge System

        Click here to see the price of Breezaire WKSL 4000

        The Breezaire WKSL 4000 might be the cooling system for you if you want a silent wine cellar environment, more flexible installation, and a cooling system that can effectively cool wine cellars up to 1,000 cubic feet!

        Installation is simple and quick. The Breezaire WKSL 4000 split system has a flexible split design in which the condenser can be placed up to 50 feet away from the evaporator while the evaporator is mounted inside your wine cellar. This cooling unit can be installed by any licensed HVAC/R professional.

        Check all Ductless Split Wine Cooling Systems

        Are you a contractor, designer, or technician? Contact us or call our Sales Experts at +1-888-407-7770 to get the best price. We'll match any online competitor's price! 


        Best Through-the-Wall Wine Cooling Systems

        Through-the-Wall Wine Cooling Systems | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer

        Through-the-Wall Wine Cellar Cooling Units (self-contained) are designed to mount between the studs of an existing wall. Cool air is blown into the cellar from one end of the unit, while warm air is vented from the other end of the unit into a space or adjacent room next to the cellar.

        This type of cooling unit works well in wine cellars of all sizes, depending on its cooling capability (100 cu.ft. - 5,000 cu.ft. and above). It is also the easiest to install, similar to installing a standard air conditioner because no ductwork or vents are required.

        These cooling systems have a 5-year lifespan. But if you invest in high-quality systems, they can last for 10-15 years or even longer with the right installation and maintenance.

        Here are a few of our recommendations.

        WhisperKOOL SC PRO 4000 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

        Click here to see the price of WhisperKOOL SC PRO 4000

        WhisperKOOL SC PRO 4000 is the best when it comes to efficiently cool small home wine cellars and mid-sized modern wine rooms up to 1,000 cubic feet. The powerful airflow and quiet operation technology impressed a lot of wine enthusiasts, it's no surprise that this is one of our bestsellers! 

        With a redesigned blower fan system, WhisperKOOL SC PRO 4000 significantly reduce the noise and vibration they create for your wine cellar. Additionally, it's equipped with condensate management system that can efficiently vaporize up to 3 oz of water per hour.

        If you want to exhaust the warm air to another location, you can choose to add the WhisperKOOL ducting kit. If installed via an exterior wall, you'll need the WhisperKOOL exterior grille to the unit to protect. Don't forget to upgrade the unit with UV-C Light Technology to prevent the growth of mold.

        Breezaire WKL 3000 Wine Cooling Unit

        Click here to see the price of Breezaire WKL-3000 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

        Breezaire WKL 3000 cooling units are one of the best Breezaire compact wine cellar cooling units. Known for their easy and hassle-free through-the-wall installation since they don't require the services of an HVAC technician.

        Breezaire WKL 3000 wine cooler air conditioners can accommodate wine cellars up to 650 cubic feet, which use a thermoelectric wine cooler and Sentry III+ control system for quick and precise temperature adjustments and to maintain your wine in the best possible condition. 

        Additionally, it protects your wine collection from temperature problems brought on by condenser blockage or fan failure, as well as damage brought on by power outages. If you wish to control the wine cellar's temperature based on the liquid in the bottles, you can purchase the Breezaire bottle probe as an add-on.

        The WKL 3000 Breezaire models are manufactured with the hot air out the rear and the electric cord out the front. However, you can upgrade them to have the hot air come out the top of the unit and have the electric cord routed out the rear.

        Check all Through-the-Wall Wine Cooling Systems

        Are you a contractor, designer, or technician? We can offer you the lowest price, just contact us or call our Sales Experts at +1-888-407-7770.


        Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

        Glass Wine Cellar | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer

        How to store wine at a consistent temperature and humidity?

        To maintain a constant temperature and humidity, your wine cellar must be well-insulated, sealed with a proper vapor barrier, and install a wine cellar cooling system.

        Related article: How to Build a Wine Cellar: Step-by-Step Guide

        What is the best temperature and humidity to store wine?

        The ideal wine storage temperature is 55°F, though any temperature between 45°F and 65°F would do. To prevent dried-out corks, which could allow air into the wine, keep the wine storage humidity level around 70%.

        Related article: What is the Ideal Temperature for a Wine Cellar?

        Do I need a cooling unit for my wine cellar?

        Yes! A wine cellar cooling unit is a MUST-HAVE for your wine cellar. The first thing you should splurge on for your wine cellar is the cooling system. They maintain proper wine cellar temperature and humidity.

        Check out our Top 10 Best Wine Cellar Cooling Units.

        How long do wine cellar cooling units last?

        A cooling system's lifespan varies. Cheaper models may last from 1 to 5 years, while expensive and high-quality ones can last up to 20 years. The wine cellar cooling system must also be properly prepared, installed, and maintained to increase its lifespan for more decades.

        How do I choose a wine cooling unit?

        We always advise giving some wiggle room when sizing your cooling system. For example, don't choose a unit with a maximum capacity of 200 cubic feet if the wine cellar is 200 cubic feet. Choose a unit with a capacity of at least 265-300 cubic feet instead.

        Need some help? Contact us or call our Sales Experts at +1-888-407-7770 for assistance in choosing a cooling system for wine cellars!


        The Final Word

        Wine Cellar | Wine Coolers Empire - Trusted Dealer

        One of the top holiday gift ideas for wine lovers and wine collectors is a quality cooling system for wine cellars. Whether you are buying for a family member or friend who enjoys wine, these Wine Cellar Cooling Systems can help keep their wine cellar at an ideal temperature all year round. 

        We hope that our list of the top wine cellar cooling units in this article will be helpful in your quest for the perfect holiday gift for someone you love!

        Want to pair the wine cellar cooling system with wine racks? Check out Ultra Wine Racks for modern and unique wine cellar racks!


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