Why Buy Loads of the Same Bottle of Wine

A lot of people when they travel, they try the food that they can only find in that certain place. Mostly, on food parks, night markets, and street. They always need to immerse themselves in the local's cultures and traditions. Trying new stuff and going to tourist spots or off-road and explore other not so tourist places.


We don't know.

Some people like to buy souvenirs like keychains, shirts, bags, etc, and give them to their loved ones when they arrive home.


Don't have a clue.

A lot of people like going to beaches and lounge around the pool or the beach, sunbathing and getting their tans. Or some prefer snorkeling and scuba diving.


Again, don't have any idea.

Because that's not what we do when we travel.

When we travel, we always look for wine tasting events and check our options.

Nothing beats spending the afternoon tasting local wine and local produce with your friends and loved ones. Sometimes, in these events, you will end up meeting various types of people and gaining new friends with the same love for wine as you do.

In these events, you will learn a lot of stuff in that place.

Wine Tasting

You might not be able to go up the mountains or dive under the sea but you will taste the richness and fertility of the soil with just a sip of wine and a bite of their local cheese.

So, why do we end up buying loads of the same bottle of wine?

The answer to that question is simple. Because we do not know if and when can we be able to get a hold of the same bottle of wine again.

You have to remember, each year there is a limited number of bottles being produced. And you cannot replicate the same color, flavor, sugar levels, acidity, and tannin of that wine produced in the previous years.

The taste of the wine depends on the grapes used which relies on the fertility of the soil and its nutrients. Weather, climate, pesticides, water, warmth, and sunlight can also affect how the grape taste and color.

For example, last year was a bit dry with less rainfall. The red produced in that year might be fuller, less acidity, and more alcohol. While this year, more rain occurred making the red produced in that same vineyard more acidic, less body, and less alcohol.

That is why you need to buy loads of wines if you really like them while you still can. But make sure you have space and appliance to store them in. Check out what you need to have so you can be sure your boxes of wine will not be spoiled.

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