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Whether you are a seasoned wine connoisseur or just getting started with wine, you might want to consider investing in a wine cooler. If you are a newbie, you might be surprised to learn that you can start with a modest under-the-counter wine cooler. If you enjoy entertaining your guests in your home, this is perfect.

However, if you require a larger wine cooler, such as for a restaurant or bar, you might consider purchasing one or building a wine cellar with cooling units.


How to Choose a Wine Cooler

Wine lovers can store and age their wine in a variety of ways, but the best option is to invest in a wine cooler. The question is, what is the best wine cooler to buy? And how can you choose the best one for your needs? Here are some things you should think about before purchasing a wine fridge for your home or business.


What Do You Need and Budget

When selecting a wine cooler, you must be realistic. If you enjoy hosting and entertaining guests at home, a larger bottle capacity is preferable. A capacity of at least 50 bottles and up will suffice, depending on your budget. Here are 3 wine coolers worth checking out:

Summit 51 Bottle Integrated Wine Fridge VC60D
Allavino FlexCount II Tru-Vino 56 Bottle Black Right Hinge Wine Fridge VSWR56-1BR20
Danby 75 Bottle Designer Wine Fridge DWC106A1BPDD


If you're searching for a smaller and more compact wine fridge, here are some appliances with 50 bottles or below capacity worth checking out:

Danby 16 Bottle Freestanding Wine Fridge DWC018A1BDB
Smith & Hanks 34 Bottle Single Zone Built-In Wine Fridge RW88SR
Allavino FlexCount II Tru-Vino 36 Bottle Dual Zone Black Wine Fridge VSWR36-2BF20


However, if you are a passionate wine collector or own a restaurant or business that has to stock a large amount of wine, you might consider investing in a wine fridge with a minimum capacity of 150 bottles. Here are a few of our favorites and the best selling ones:

Smith & Hanks 166 Bottle Dual Zone Smoked Black Glass Wine Fridge RW428DRG
Summit 24" 174 Bottle Dual Zone All Stainless Steel Wine Fridge SWC1966CSS
Allavino Vite II Tru-Vino 277 Bottle Single Zone Black Left Hinge Wine Fridge YHWR305-1BL20


Wine coolers are really not that expensive, so if you enjoy collecting or have a huge wine collection of wine, having one is one of the best investments you can make. And always remember to consider your budget before you make a purchase.


Wine Coolers vs Standard Refrigerators

When you first begin experimenting with wine, you may believe that keeping it refrigerated in a standard refrigerator is enough to keep them chilled. Yes, it can help keep your wine cool.

But the question is, are you keeping your wine chilled to the ideal temperature? Does it help enhance the flavor of your wine? Or are you turning it to vinegar over time?

Keep in mind that oxidation can cause a wine, whether red or white, to lose its vibrancy, flavor, and color. When the cork of an unopened wine bottle dries out, this usually happens. Having a cooler or a wine fridge designed specifically for storing or aging wine will help reduce the likelihood of this happening.


Wine Coolers Standard Refrigerators
Purpose: To cool wine to its optimal serving temperature To store different varieties of food
Humidity: Ideal humidity level for wine is 30% - 40% which you may get with wine coolers Humidity level is equal to or less than 10%
Capacity: Depends on your wine cooler Depends on the amount of food inside
Size: Available in different sizes Typically available in its standard size meant for kitchens
Price: Usually cheaper than standard refrigerators More expensive than standard wine coolers

Freestanding vs Built-In

If you plan to place a wine cooler into your cabinets, you must first grasp the differences between a freestanding wine cooler and a built-in wine cooler. Although any wine cooler can serve as a standalone refrigerator, not all of them are designed to be installed in cabinets. The most important thing is that your wine cooler has proper ventilation and sufficient airflow.

Wine fridges as well as other types of refrigerators should be designed with ventilation at the front of the unit in order to accommodate under-counter installations. This is very important because front venting units keep warm exhaust away from the compressor, preventing it from overheating.

Wine refrigerators, even if fully integrated, are not equipped with front ventilation. The container in which they are sealed should have a rear air vent at the base. If you place a wine cooler into your countertops without proper ventilation, it will likely overheat. As a result, expect a shorter lifespan for your unit.


Built-in wine coolers are installed into the cabinetry while still following and maintaining a certain clearance to ensure optimum ventilation. Before you set up your wine cooler, make sure you read the proper guidelines on how to do so correctly.

Keep in mind that each wine cooler has its own specifications. So, before you begin remodeling, it is better to read the instructions in the manual first. If you want a built-in wine cooler for your home, it’s best to contact a professional.

Summit 28 Bottle Dual Zone Stainless Steel Built-In ADA Wine Fridge SWC182ZCSSADA
Allavino FlexCount II Tru-Vino 112 Bottle Three Zone Stainless Steel Wine Refrigerator 3Z-VSWR5656-S20

Whynter 18 Bottle Compressor Built-In Wine Refrigerator BWR-18SD





Freestanding wine coolers, also called standalone wine coolers, should not be recessed into any cabinetry because the exhaust is positioned towards the back. For proper positioning and exhaust, it’s always better to check the manual. This type of wine cooler is very convenient because it can be placed practically anywhere in your home without requiring renovation.

In comparison to built-in wine coolers, freestanding wine coolers are more affordable. There are also a variety of sleek and stylish units to choose from. Some of them may even resemble furniture or household furnishings.

Whynter 34 Bottle Freestanding Stainless Steel Refrigerator With Display Shelf And Digital Control FWC-341TS
Sunpentown 32 Bottle Undercounter Wine Fridge WC-31U
Allavino Vite II Tru-VIno 115 Bottle Stainless Steel Right Hinge Wine Fridge YHWR115-1SR20



Space and Size

Another factor to think about is the location or where you place your cooler. When you have a fully functioning kitchen, size can be a major consideration. However, if you are building your kitchen from scratch, this may not be a huge issue for you.

Wine coolers are available in many variations of styles, sizes, and bottle capacities. Of course, the larger the wine cooler, the more wine bottles it can hold.



The door of your wine refrigerator is also something to consider about. You definitely want your wine cooler to blend in with the rest of the room's decor, but you also need also think about whether it can filter out UV rays and protect your wine from harmful light which can speed up the aging process. You can get a fridge with glass doors or a solid construction in black, platinum, or stainless steel door. Make sure to choose insulated dual-pane glass that is UV-protected. This not only screens out harsh light but also aids in temperature regulation.

Reversible door hinges are also available on several wine coolers. It can be frustrating to discover that your refrigerator is unable to accommodate its intended space just because of the door swing. With reversible door hinges, this function allows you to adjust the direction in which the door swings open, allowing you a bit more flexibility in where you place the fridge.



The ideal temperature for storing all of your wines is 45-65°F, with 55°F being the best, which is nearly the same as the underground temperature all year round. We all know that the earliest wine storage area was a cave or wine cellar. But now we have wine coolers, which are more accessible to many of us today.

The aging process of your wine is greatly slowed when kept at 55°F. As a result, you don't have to be concerned about your wine losing its flavor, aroma, or color.

A wine cooler's temperature can be adjusted according to your preferences. Wine varieties are served at different serving temperatures. White wines are typically served chilled, while red wines are served somewhat warm. This is where dual zone wine coolers come in. However, if you plan to preserve the same variety of wine, a single zone wine cooler will do.

Check out these articles to learn more about the proper serving temperatures for wines and champagnes:

Dual-zone wine coolers are refrigerators that have two separate temperature zones. White wines can be kept at the bottom and red wines at the top. This is merely a suggestion for preserving your wines, it is not necessarily required. All types of wine (red, white, fortified, sparkling, etc.) should be stored between 45°F and 65°F.

Summit 66 Bottle 30" Wide Built-In Wide Fridge SWC3066B
Aallavino FlexCount II Tru-Vino 121 Bottle Dual Zone Stainless Steel Left Hinge Wine Cooler VSWR121-2SL20
Danby Silhouette Stilton 24" 51 Bottle Built-In Wine Fridge DWC518BLS

Choosing Wine Coolers

Wine coolers are a great investment, as we all know. If you love drinking wine and enjoy entertaining family, friends, and guests in your own home, having a wine cooler is an excellent choice. Some wine coolers offer additional features like a digital thermostat, digital controls, LED lighting, UV ray protection, rack material, sleek design, etc., which are well worth looking into.

You can check and learn more about Allavino Wine Coolers and their features. They have a large selection of wine fridges to choose from.

Before purchasing your own wine cooler, consider the following factors: the size and space of your home, the temperature, the number of bottles of wine you typically have on hand at any given time, what you need, and your budget. You don't have to break your budget to get a wine cooler. There are plenty of units out there that are less expensive but still offer excellent features and are perfect for your needs.

Whether your goal is to store wine bottles for aesthetics, to keep them fresher for longer, or to make them more accessible to you and your family, investing in the right wine cooler will surely be worth it.

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