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Wine Guardian

Looking for the best way to keep your wine cellar at the perfect temperature and humidity? Check out the best wine cellar cooling units and humidifiers from Wine Guardian!

Why choose Wine Guardian?

Featured: Sentinel Series

Founded by father and son duo, Larry and Mike Wetzel, who were both passionate wine collectors and specialized in designing and manufacturing refrigeration equipment. They put their skills to work and created Wine Guardian, a top-notch wine cooling system that soon became a hit with wine enthusiasts worldwide.

The product line has since expanded to include various wine cellar cooling systems, from ducted to through-the-wall, and even wine room humidifiers. A leading provider of environmental control systems, delivering wine room cooling units for all needs, from small home wine cellars to large commercial ones.

Wine Guardian Series

  • Pro Series - An all-in-one cooling system designed specifically for wine storage. These units are built to withstand extreme weather conditions and mechanical malfunctions. They also use 24-volt electronics that enable wireless connectivity to a smart thermostat.
  • Sentinel Series - The most advanced and strongest cooling units, highly durable and energy-efficient. Features an innovative design that provides reliable cooling performance, strength, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.

Types of Cooling Systems

  • Wine Guardian Through-the-Wall Wine Cooling Units - If you have a small to mid-sized wine cellar and want a cooling unit you can install yourself, check out the Through-the-Wall Wine Cooling Systems. They come in 2 capacities, up to 2,100 BTU/h (455 watts).
  • Wine Guardian Ducted Wine Cellar Cooling Units (Self-Contained) - For residential or commercial wine cellars of any size, these Wine Guardian ducted systems are versatile and provide optimal cooling. You can choose from 4 capacities ranging from 3,760-15,680 BTU/h (880-3,812 watts).
  • Wine Guardian Ducted Split Cooling Systems - These split ducted wine cooler units offer optimal temperature and humidity control for both residential and commercial wine cellars, with the flexibility to accommodate different applications. These systems come in capacities of up to 14,900 BTU/h (3,812 watts).
  • Wine Guardian Ductless Split Cooling Systems - These Wine Guardian split systems are versatile and can be mounted through either the wall or ceiling. These systems are a great choice if you have a small wine cellar.
  • Wine Guardian Wine Cabinet Cooling Units - These are self-contained, compact wine cellar cooling units designed to integrate into wine cabinets, wine displays, or showcases. It can regulate the temperature of your wine anywhere between aging temperatures and serving temperatures (41-64°F / 5-18°C).


What temperature should a wine cellar be set at?

The ideal wine cellar temperature should be kept between 55°F to 57°F (12°C to 14°C) for optimal conditions.

What is the best wine cellar humidity?

For long-term wine storage, it is recommended to maintain an average 60% relative humidity to prevent the cork from drying out due to low humidity levels.

How long do wine cellar cooling units last?

Wine cooling units have a lifespan of 20 years or more, which can be prolonged by ensuring proper preparation, installation, and maintenance of your wine cellar.

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