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Wine Pegs by Ultra Wine Racks & Cellars™

The Wine Pegs by Ultra Wine Racks and Cellars transform your wine wall art into a fine wine design. An attractive and modern wine wall alternative to the classic wood racking. Wine enthusiasts like you would definitely love to display your most valuable and beautiful wine collection with this wine rack wall system.

Wine Pegs by Ultra Wine Racks & Cellars

Why Use Ultra Wine Pegs?

These wall mounted wine racks give you a classic wine storage arrangement combined with a sleek, modern look. If you don't have a lot of wall space, these wine pegs are an excellent way to store your wine!


Crafted out of the finest precision metal for consistent look.


Coated in a beautiful, matte back finish for a luxurious feel.


CAD blocks available to strategize wine design before purchase.


Easy to follow written and video instructions for simple installation.

Read this article to discover more about Ultra Wine Racks and the different types of wine racks they offer: Introducing Ultra Wine Racks & Cellars

2 Types of Wine Pegs

These modern wine wall pegs come in two types.

Ultra HZ Wine Pegs - LABEL-OUT

Ultra HZ Wine Pegs

HZ Wine Pegs are perfect for anyone who wants to show off their wine collection rather than just store it. Bottles are held in a horizontal, label-out arrangement by these metal wine racks. This lets you see the labels on your bottles without having to pick up, handle, or disturb them.


Ultra ST Wine Pegs - CORK-OUT

Ultra ST Wine Pegs

ST Wine Pegs, which come in XL and standard sizes, combine classic wine storage arrangements with a sleek, modern aesthetic. This is the perfect solution if you have limited wall space, as these wine rack pegs hold wine bottles in a cork-out configuration, allowing you to store more.

Wine Rack Pins

  • Single
  • Double
  • Triple

Color Finish

  • Satin Aluminum
  • Brushed Aluminum
  • Black



What are wine racks made of?

Wine racks are made from all types of materials such as wood, metal, steel, stone, aluminum, and nylon. However, Ultra Wine Racks has shifted from conventional wood racking to contemporary metal racking systems.

Can you put a wine rack in living room?

Absolutely! You can put a wine rack in your living room. As long as it meets the basic requirements for wine storage. These articles will provide you with ideas for wine racks and show you how to build wine racks for a cellar.

What are the other types of wine racks?

Ultra Wine Racks has a wide selection of wine racks. Here's a list of each collection:

Where to buy wine racks?

When it comes to proper storage of your wine, Ultra Wine Racks & Cellars provides the best wine racks for your wine cellar or wine wall. You'll find the best place to buy wine racks at Wine Coolers Empire 1-888-407-7770. Shop now!

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